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11/02/2011 - Hellenic Government scholarships for foreign nationals for academic year 2010-2011

Scholarships are granted by Hellenic Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs to foreign nationals who wish to attend undergraduate or postgraduate studies or conduct a study study in Greek Universities or Centers of Scientific Study for the academic year 2011-2012, in addition to a summer seminar of Greek Language and Civilization for the summer of 2011.

The scholarships are awarded to citizens of the following countries: Azerbaijan , Egypt, Ethiopia , Albania, Armenia, Belgium, Bulgaria , France, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, India , Jordan, Iran , Ireland, Israel, Italy, China, Cuba , Croatia, Cyprus, Latvia, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Mexico , Norway, Korea, Netherlands, Hungary, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Pakistan , Palestine, Peru , Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Syria, Turkey, Czech Republic, Tunisia, and Finland.

The proposals made by competent authorities for every country, along with the proposed candidate files ought to arrive within the Ministry’s Office no later than 31 March 2011 . Nevertheless, it is noted that every country shall establish by itself the closing dates for application submission which shall not coincide to the final closing date of file consignment to Greece and interested persons ought to address the services of their own country.

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