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22/08/2011 - MBS College receives accreditation by EDU

On August 2nd 2011 MBS College was accredited by EDU – the intergovernmental organization (IGO) formed in June 2011 under the guidelines and protocols of UN.

EDU was created aiming to provide international accreditation for higher learning institutions. Its aim is within the next 5 years to create a publicly accessible database of tertiary education/academic institutions.

The problem of illegal, fraud, and degree-mill institutions which often appear as “universities” is becoming more intense following the continuous increase in the demand for higher education qualifications. This problem is twofold:

1) Increasingly students worldwide are misled by these institutions. This has financial implications for them but most importantly it creates emotional distress and holds back their plans for career progression.

2) The higher education sector in general is negatively affected by the operation of these organizations. The entire sector is influenced by negative criticism and word-of-mouth which is generated by deluded students and their families.

EDU is planning to create a database of the legal institutions in tertiary education at international level. According to EDU Secretary-General, His Excellency G.Irving Levance, “Our ultimate goal is to curb the questionable activities of fake schools and bogus accreditation agencies currently plaguing the global educational market, particularly online”.

MBS College was one of the first education organisations to receive accreditation by EDU. Mr Vangelis Tsiligiris, the College’s Principal, mentioned “we are honoured by the accreditation of EDU. We strongly believe that this initiative will be a great success and it is going to be embraced by Higher Education Institutions worldwide. It is definitely something which was needed to reassure students and their families are not mislead, while legal Higher Education Institutions safeguard their reputation”.

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