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Institute:  ALBA Graduate Business School, The American College of Greece
Category:  Tourism & Shipping

We are looking for highly motivated individuals already employed in the shipping or transport industries or seeking to gain management positions within organizations involved in the international shipping and transport sectors. The candidates for the MBA in Shipping Program are high-potential individuals, with excellent conceptual and analytical skills, and a high intellectual ability. The curriculum is demanding and we are looking for candidates, with creativity, maturity, and dedication to their studies. To apply for the MBA in Shipping Program, applicants should meet all the following criteria:
1. Be currently employed or self-employed
2. Have full-time work experience of at least three years (military service not included)
3. Hold a Bachelor's Degree in a relevant discipline (Maritime Studies, Marine Engineering,Transport, Law, Business or Economics) or an equivalent professional qualification from an educational institution.
4. Have completed Military Service (where applicable)
Applicants who meet all the above criteria but are currently without a job, or currently have a job but intend to discontinue their employment after entering the Program, are strongly discouraged from applying and should consider the regular Full-Time MBA Program.


By taking a strategic perspective on the shipping industry, the MBA in Shipping Program prepares aspiring and seasoned shipping professionals for a future full of challenges in the shipping industry.
Through a combination of academic rigor with practical knowledge, the ALBA MBA in Shipping program provides students with the ability to make sound and timely decisions and to cope under pressure in the rapidly changing shipping environment. More than that, the program invests heavily in leadership and strategic management competencies, which are particularly relevant both as personal advantages and as essential resources for companies in this sector.

• Highly motivated professionals with a clear aim to advance their career in management positions in the broader maritime industry
• Entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs with a vision to create value in shipping
• Members of family businesses preparing to take on increasing responsibility in their companies
• Professionals with the determination to enter the shipping industry

• International Recognition: The program is accredited by the Association of MBAs (AMBA) and validated by the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers (ICS).
• Ideal Location: The program is offered in Greece, a country with long-standing tradition in shipping operations. Students benefit from the close links between ALBA and the Greek shipping community.
• Specialized courses in Shipping: Business Risk Management in Shipping, Maritime Economics & Policy, Chartering Policy & Charterparty Analysis, Maritime Law, and International Commodity Trade & Transport are just a few of the specialized courses delivered by world-renowned academics in the field.
• Specialized shipping Workshops: Delivered by distinguished industry speakers in conjunction with professional bodies/institutions, these workshops provide in-depth insight into the cutting edge of shipping practice.
• Leadership Development: Through classroom teaching and personal coaching, students embark on a journey of self-awareness and personal development, identifying strengths and areas of improvement and putting their aspirations into a coherent and dynamic learning plan for the future.
• Entrepreneurship: ALBA is one of the elite European Business Schools in entrepreneurship, as demonstrated by the exceptional performance of our student teams in the European Business Plan of the Year Competition (EBPYC). Students spend four months working on a business plan for a new venture, either to grow an existing business or to create a start-up, and are expected to deliver attainable results.

Program Structure
The ALBA MBA in Shipping Program starts in September every year and has a duration of 12 to up to 48 months.
Participants who wish to attend in full-time mode will conclude their studies in 12 months and will attend classes every day, during weekdays. Working professionals who wish to attend in part-time mode, will conclude their studies in 24 months the earliest (can be extended to up to 48 months) and will attend classes usually twice per week, during weekdays between 18:00 to 22:00.
The core curriculum provides students with the knowledge and skills developing required to gain a deep understanding of the fundamentals of management. The specialized shipping courses, both core and electives are devoted to develop a comprehensive understanding of the shipping industry and to strengthen the analytical skills required for a successful career in shipping. Specialized workshops run in parallel and increase awareness in contemporary shipping issues.


Tuition fees are paid at the beginning of each two-month period, plus a one-off
non-refundable fee upon registration.

Financing options
• Self-financing
• Company sponsorship (full or partial)
• Scholarships/Financial Aid
ALBA Graduate Business School is committed to attracting outstanding individuals and helping them finance their studies. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of prior academic excellence and scholarship recipients must maintain high performance throughout their studies. Financial Aid is awarded to worthy candidates on the basis of financial need.

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