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BA in International Relations

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New York College
Athens, Thessaloniki
October 2020, January 2021
4 years
Full Time, Part Time


State University of New York, Empire State College


Knowledge Outcomes:
Upon successful completion of this program students will be able to:

  • Comprehend the basic concepts in the field of history, political science, and international relations
  • Learn the facts required in understanding important political, economic, social, and military events
  • Identify the most important facts for study and analysis
  • Apply the knowledge acquired in order to learn about the past, understand the present, and predict the future
  • Acquire important background knowledge required for a better understanding of political science and international relations

Skills Outcomes:
As a result of completing this program, students should have acquired the following skills and values:

  • excellent written and oral communication skills
  • demonstrate analytical and critical-thinking skills necessary to make sense of human nature and the structure of the international system
  • self-awareness, openness and sensitivity to diversity in terms of people, cultures

Program Strengths:

  • Reputation of being the most challenging and rewarding program offered
  • International Relations Department consists of highly multi-ethnic and enthusiastic student body
  • A wide variety of courses cover thoroughly all aspects of International Relations (theory, politics, international law, diplomacy, and the international political economy)
  • Excellent faculty, well versed in the field



Internships and paying jobs at business corporations, governmental and non-governmental organizations in International Politics, International Law, and International Commerce, as for example, UN, EU, NATO, OSCE, ICC, ICJ, IMF, WB, WTO and many others.

Further Study Options
At New York College: A BA in International Relations paves the way for entry into most MBA, MA, and or MSc programs offered at New York College.
At Institutions Abroad: The entry qualifications for graduate studies differ from university to university; however the SUNY/Empire State College degree is accepted by most universities in the U.S. and by all U.K. Universities. Prestigious universities usually require, in addition to the degree, a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Those interested in study abroad programs need contact their advisor early on in their studies. Moreover, they may come into contact with alumni who have studied abroad through the Student Affairs Department.

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