Computer Science & IT

BSc (Hons) Computing

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Metropolitan College
Athens, Thessaloniki
Octomber 2020
3 years
Full Time


There is an increasing demand from employers for more specialist graduates. All types of computer systems are now an important part of our lives, with well-engineered, reliable and usable systems crucial to the survival of most organisations. People, who can design, implement and maintain these ever-evolving systems are in constant demand. Studying in the field of computing is challenging and enjoyable, and can lead to a rewarding career. At AMC you can study the Computing degree which provides the option of developing knowledge in such specialised areas as Business Information Systems, Computer Networking, Internet Technologies, Software Engineering and Communications Systems Security. This wide coverage area is provided by the number of options uniquely available only to students on the Computing Programme.

Aims of the Programme
- The aim of the programme is to provide a learning environment that allows students to:
- Develop skills in analysis, design, implementation and evaluation appropriate to their chosen programme.
- Become proficient in relevant technical skills.
- Be aware of trends and new developments.
- Be able to learn and work both individually within groups.
- Develop effective communication skills.
- Produce work of a professional standard.
- Be equipped to pursue further study.
- Be aware of the legal, social, ethical and professional issues in information systems and related areas.
- To provide a choice for those students who wish to pursue a broad based and generic computing programme rather than a specialist programme.
- To provide a programme leading to a flexible career path in the continually developing field of Information Technology.

Objectives of the Programme
- To enable students to develop managerial, organisational and communication skills required in the development of information systems projects.
- To furnish students with the necessary skills and knowledge to design and manage modern electronic communications & information systems.
- To provide students with a comprehensive knowledge of good research and professional practices in the Computing discipline.
- To enable students to gain a sound knowledge and understanding of the wide range of current computing applications & technologies.
- To enable students to gain knowledge and understanding of the security issues experienced by modern communications platforms as electronic information traverses across national and international borders.


Career Prospects
There is still a significant shortage of up-to-date computing skills in our country. Organisations need to have access to these skills to make best use of computing and internet resources. Graduates of the computing degree programme are qualified for a variety of jobs including the systems analysts, management information systems developers, database designers, network design and administrators, internetworking developers, internet / web systems developers and Project Managers.

In particular, our graduates typically will follow one of these career patterns:
- The hybrid manager; combining business knowledge with technical skills and additional emphasis on one of the following; IT strategy issues for business, or; Issues in management and technology policy
- The infrastructural manager; dealing with the technology associated with communications and data services within and between organisations.
- The analyst/designer; involved in the analysis, design and implementation of Information Systems projects.
- The software engineer; involved in the production of complex, rigorously specified and verified software.
- The qualified professional whose work requires an understanding of I.T. systems design or development coupled with another academic discipline such as Accountancy, Law, Languages or Business Administration.

For graduates who wish to continue their studies at postgraduate level, the computing degree programme provides a suitable entry route to a variety of Masters courses.

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