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MSc in Marketing

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November 2021, February 2022
18-24 months
Full Time, Part Time, Distance Learning


For the submission of the application, the following documents will be needed:
• a degree of higher education or an official transcript or a professional diploma
• a curriculum vitae (CV)
• two reference letters
• a filled-in application form


Heriot Watt University is a chartered British University which was established in 1821 (just before the establishment of the Greek State). It is listed among the best universities not only in Scotland but in Great Britain in general. Heriot Watt has always been a university; it has not resulted from the development of a technological institution (i.e. the Polytechnics) which was suddenly and mandatorily promoted to a higher institution because of the abolition of the Polytechnics. Edinburgh Business School holds a prominent position in the business world, with 40% of Fortune 500 corporations having employees who are graduates of the MBA programme. According to the latest valuation by the Financial Times (FT 2010, the ΜΒΑ of Edinburgh Business School is the top MBA programme worldwide! Through the continuous creation of knowledge and the exchange of ideas with international institutions in the field of research, Heriot Watt ensures that its students acquire knowledge of extremely high standards.

Duration of the programme and form of study
The programmes have been designed in a way that maximizes choice and flexibility which means they can adapt to individual needs and demands of professionals. The programme may be completed in an 18-24 months period. Programmes are offered throughout Greece in a Distance Blended Learning format, with no need for relocation. Intakes: January, March, June, September, November.

Cost and services included
Tuition fees include books, course notes, exercises, case studies, access to the electronic library of the university with a personal username and password for every student, exam fees and all support services. Payment of fees is flexible and there is also the possibility of subsiding.


Heriot Watt University’s programmes are recognized worldwide because it is one of the best state universities and it is supervised by the British government. The University offers undergraduate and postgraduate programmes of applied management skills to both individuals and major corporations worldwide. Having a global network of successful graduates and accreditation by state institutions as well as multinational companies and the media, the University offers programmes that improve students’ applied skills, increase their opportunities for professional development and help the performance of companies. The programmes have been designed to maximize choice and flexibility, which means they can adapt to individual needs and demands of executives. The courses offered are innovative and extremely useful for companies, as they help their executives develop all essential practical skills, such as problem and crisis management, management of changes, decision making, project management, leadership, development of retail networks, sales management etc. whereas other relevant programmes tend to focus on the contradiction of theories and their critical and scientific analysis, eschewing practice and preparing individuals more for theoreticians rather than for a career in business. The students are directly enrolled with the Heriot Watt University and have all the rights that this entails. They also have the possibility to realize part of their studies at the university campus in Edinburgh (if they wish to do so). The degree is the original degree of the University and it has no difference at all with those awarded in Great Britain. Students can follow the programme they are interested in without having to leave their place of residence because the programme is offered in a Flexible Distance Learning format. There are entries throughout the year and the experienced executives of CeMS can provide you with excellent support at any time.

For information regarding student fees please contact the Institute.
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