Art & Design

MA DESIGN Specialising in Advertising

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October 2021, February 2022
1 year
Full Time


• the AAS Application form completed
• Degree or Diploma and transcript from previous educational institution translated in English
• evidence of your ability in English language (IELTS 6.0 or its equivalent)
• portfolio
• passport


The postgraduate Design course specializing in Advertising deals with media communication - that means traditionally, posters, press ads, T.V. commercials and radio commercials and more recently, gorilla, ambient, viral and other web based solutions.
Advertising creatives are concerned with both words and images. Most ads are a combination of those two elements. The words are as important as the image.
You will have access to a wide range of computer and digital imaging facilities to support you in developing your skills in imagining and building digital environments for communication. Industry links and live projects will help you place your work within a growing professional context.
Your course will produce able, resilient, resourceful, knowledgeable individuals, who are committed to the creative art of Communication and who will make an important contribution within a broad range of career opportunities. These rubrics have been converted into a series of Aims and Learning Outcomes for each module. The Aims are what we expect you to achieve through study and the Learning Outcomes are specific abilities or skills that you will be able to achieve on successful completion of each module at each level of study.
Teaching involves a combination of lectures, seminars, tutorials, presentations and integration of consultancy with industry, and assessment is continuous. Theory underpinning practice is developed simultaneously throughout each semester and Negotiated Agreements Parts I and II allow students to acquire the ability to develop and refine proposals, which underpin their major projects, and reflect on personal progress. Students are expected to contextualize their work within a current framework, and develop evaluative skills in order to articulate their point of view. Research Methods and Application introduces students to a range of analytical research tools, forming the basis for all in-depth self-directed projects on the programme.

Award Body: University of Sunderland - UK
British Degree: Master of Arts

Course at a glance
Semester 1
• Design Studies 1 (60 credits)
Semester 2
• Design Studies 2 (60 credits)
Semester 3
• Design Studies 3 (60 credits)

Assessment is 100% coursework and you will be continually assessed throughout the course.
The course is continually assessed through module requirements, allowing students to achieve target awards. Final modules are graded Pass, Merit, Distinction.


Career Opportunities
The MA will help further career opportunities within commercial design practice - giving recognition to each student's individual practical and intellectual abilities. Graduates will improve their chance of employment in the advertising industry with their demonstrated enhanced specialism and understanding developed on the course.

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