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Within the lifelong learning framework, the search and the choice of the suitable educational programme is not an easy matter. The interested is called to choose among a big number of educational providers and an even greater number of programmes, thus risking to be lost in the vast bulk of information. Seeking for a solution to this problem, we came up with the idea of Study in Greece.
Study in Greece consists part of the portal Both mutually compose the ultimate educational portal with thousands of visitors and hundred of thousands of searches on a monthly basis. It’s targeting in the presentation and promotion of Bachelor and Master courses, seminars, conferences and e-learning educational programmes that are being offered in the Greek market. Today, having won the unreserved support of its numerous friends, it has achieved to have been made a synonymous of their search.

The masterminds of this effort are Vadasis Aggelos Chemical Engineer of the Engineering Faculty of the Aristotle University and Patouchas Lambros, Economist MSc. of the Aristotle University.
Our aim consists of the interested to be able to trace within seconds the programme that s/he wishes through the search tools obtaining important information such as start date of the course, duration, level of degree, city of studies, education variants, thus contributing to the best choice given. The classification of the educational programmes in thematic units aims to this direction.
In this way we are able to have a complete screening of the programmes that fall under each category with the possibility to make a simultaneous key, city or special subcategory search.

Study in Greece offers two contact ways between the educational individuals and educational providers: the interested can have access to the company’s website by pressing on the host logo where all contact details such as telephone numbers, e-mails and websites are shown so that s/he can have an immediate communication.
Both Study in Greece and Semifind are successfully promoted in Greek and International websites as well as in social networking sites with a constantly rising number of visitors. In the social network Facebook it has made its presence noticeable with more than 6000 friends, with all the educational programmes being now recorded there also.
Finally, in the 13th International Exhibition for Education that is going to be held in Athens and specifically in the Peace and Friendship Stadium on 11-13 March 2011, SemiFind will be a Media Partner of it.