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-What is Study in Greece?
An educational portal on the Internet which presents Bachelor and Master programmes that are offered in the Greek market in the following website

-To whom is Study in Greece addressed to?
It is addressed to those who seek for studying in Greece, both in Bachelor and Master courses, taught entirely in English or in Greek. Browsing through our database, you can find the programme you are looking for.

-How does Study in Greece work?
The individual that is interested in an educational programme is able to trace within seconds the course that s/he wishes through the search tools that Study in Greece provides. Moreover, s/he can obtain important information such as start date of the course, duration, level of degree, city of studies, education variants, thus contributing to the best choice given. The classification of the educational programmes in thematic units aims to this direction.
In this way we are able to have a complete screening of the programmes that fall under each category with the possibility to make a simultaneous key, city or special subcategory search.

-Why should I choose Study in Greece for searching or for the on-line advertising and the sales promotion of my Educational Programmes?
1) Study in Greece consists part of the portal Both mutually compose the ultimate educational portal with thousands of visitors and hundred of thousands of searches on a monthly basis.
2) All of the educational programmes are promoted through social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter) and its Newsletter with over 6000 members on its Facebook.
3) The individual who is interested in a specific programme can show interest for the programme that s/he wishes by filling in the “Show Interest Form” so that the educational institutions can be instantly informed via e-mail.
4) The individual who is interested in a specific programme can have access to the company’s website by pressing on the host logo where all contact details such as telephone numbers, e-mails and websites are shown so that s/he can have an immediate communication.
5) The educational programmes that have already taken place aren’t deleted from Study in Greece. They continue to be presented in “older records” in case somebody is interested to be able to contact the institution that offers it.
6) Study in Greece utilizes all Internet tools for the promotion of the educational programmes that are summed on the websites, Mediakit, Facebook, Twitter, RSS, Feeds and also Widgets for Webmasters that have as a goal the accomplishment of the biggest possible attraction of visitors. It also collaborates with websites that have a great amount of visitors in order to achieve the greatest possible promotion of all of its products and is frequently advertised on printed and e-press.
7) Study in Greece services. As part of the education portal it upgrades its services constantly. One of those is the “Members Area”. All of the educational institutions that counterpart with us are being given a Username and a Password and gain access to new services via it.

-How can I list/record my educational programmes in Study in Greece?
In order to promote your educational programmes through Study in Greece, call us or fill in our contact form through the “Contact” field of the choices Menu.

-What’s the promotion cost of the educational courses?
The promotion cost via Study in Greece is extremely low accordingly to the money spent by the educational institutions for the advertising of their programmes. Expenses such as Website Refresh, e-mail & fax, countless hours of phone conversations and many other costs for the information of people that are interested, do not apply through Study in Greece.