BSc (Hons) Dietetics

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January 2021, October 2021
4 years
Full Time
Greek, English


High School Certificate or equivalent , IELTS 6 score/TOEFL 550/213
(only for programmes taught in English)



Aegean College offers in Greece a top notch undergraduate programme which leads to a BSc (Hons) Dietetics degree and covers scientific and applied Dietetics. The academic program aims to develop counseling skills regarding nutrition issues and diet options so as to improve the health of individuals or groups and to reduce diseases by applying scientific research to daily practice.

A series of learning activities are included for this purpose in the program, such as academic and supervised practice so as to develop professional skills in dealing with cases of obesity, diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and renal diseases. Supervised practice will also prepare students to implement the nutrition care process in various populations, diverse cultures, including infants, children, adolescents, adults, pregnant/lactating females as well as nurture collaborative inter-professional collaboration. For this reason, the program includes a 28-week Clinical Practice in a number of clinics with the supervision of Aegean College mentors. Clinical Practice takes place at the Attiko Hospital, the “Polikliniki” and the “Alexandra” Hospital.

Graduates may work as dietitians with recognized professional rights, with people of all ages to address nutritional problems, weight management and eating disorders. They can offer services as freelancers in various workplaces in the private and public sector, nutrition centers / weight control and metabolism, in spa, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, maternity hospitals, schools, special education schools, sports centers and fitness centers, day centers regarding patients with psycho-neurological diseases.

1st Year Modules

  • Nutrition I
  • Physiology
  • Professional Practice and Development
  • Cell Biology and Microbiology
  • Behavioural Psychology
  • Field experience in nutrition and dietetics Practice Placement – A- 4 weeks full- time

2nd Year Modules

  • Diet Therapy I
  • Nutrition II
  • Communication & Health Promotion
  • Diet Therapy II
  • Community Nutrition
  • Food Science, Safety and Catering
  • Nutritional Needs of Population Groups
  • Field experience in nutrition and dietetics Practice Placement B 12 weeks full-time
  • Consolidation. After the completion of placement B -4 weeks full- time

3rd Year Modules

  • Field experience in nutrition and dietetics Practice Placement C- 12 weeks full-time
  • Advanced Diet Therapy
  • Physical Activity and Sports Nutrition
  • Nutritional Epidemiology and Public Health
  • Leadership and Management in Dietetic Practice
  • Research Project


 * AEGEAN COLLEGE offers English language tuition and PC modules free of charge for students requiring them.

The Aegean College facilities ensure normal and smooth operation of the educational process. The library, laboratories and classrooms meet the needs of students and faculty and provide unique conditions for the teaching and learning experience. The Aegean College computer labs provide wireless free connection to students, academic staff and visitors. Once enrolled, students receive access to detailed information related to their programme of study, through the college’s password protected intranet gateway (e-college). The system allows students to retrieve class presentations and notes, access set assessments, view academic calendar pertinent to their area of study, retrieve important bulletins posted by both academic and administrative staff at the college, ascertain valuable manuals supportive to their academic efforts as well as allow them to take part in academic fora. The E-College gateway facilitates both on-site and remote access in order to maximise academic benefits received.

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