Terms of Use

1. Acceptance of the terms
Your visitation-use of the website studyingreece.gr (hereafter ¨the website ¨) is subject to the  acceptance of current Terms of Service- prerequisites for the use of the website services. If you do not agree in any way with the current Terms of Service you are asked not to use the website.
The website retains the right to modify the current terms of service at any given time, with the latest date of modification being written at the end of the text. You are required to check for possible amendments every time you visit or use the website, and in case of any amendment, to reaccept the following for the continuation of your visit/use.

2. Visitor/user obligations
Beyond the acceptance of the terms and provisions of the website, you are expected to visit/use the website in a way that secures the compliance with the legal provisions of national, European and international legislation, particularly with the provisions regarding telecommunications.
In the event of illegal or abusive use of the content and the services of the website, adoption of practices of unfair competition or practices that violate the NETIQUETTE ( Code of Conduct for Internet users) as well as any other illegal or in breach of common practices act. The website retains the right, without prior warning, to exclude the future visit/use and reserves the exercise of all it’s legal  rights and privilieges. 

3. Disclaimer
3.1 Accountability for the content and services of the website
All information and services of the website are provided as they stand and without any explicit or indirect guaranties which we categorically deny, including for instance guaranties for commerciality or adequacy for specific purposes as well as those that derive from the management, use or commercial practice. Every possible step is being taken so as the information and the totality of the content of our services to be characterized by maximum accuracy, clarity, time-relevance, correctness and availability.  
Under no circumstances, including negligence, can the website be held responsible for any direct, indirect, special, associated or subsequent damages for the visit/use of the content and it’s services. It is specified that under no circumstance does the website guarantee the continuous and unfailing provision of it’s services and it’s content, not even the absence of virus, malware, trojan etc., whether in regard to the website or any other site through which you receive it’s content. 
In the event of damages to the website or the Internet generally deriving from the bad, illicit or illegal use of the relevant services by you, as described in paragraph 2 of the present document, accountability and responsibility rest solely on you.
3.2 Hyperlinks for other websites
The website is not responsible for the accuracy, content or authenticity of the information or content in websites not related to it or for the products and services on offer or sale through those not related websites or advertisement banners.
Any problems that may occur during your visit/use of the websites to which our website redirects result in the sole responsibility of the relevant websites, to which you are expected to refer. The redirection to other websites occurs solely for the ease of the users and creates no kind of commitment whatsoever.
3.3 Seminars (workshops) and Educational Courses : Undergraduate, Postgraduate courses (LLM), IEK
The website bears no responsibility at all for the content of the Seminars and Educational Courses (Title, content, duration and location, cost). Solely responsible are the educational institutions that provide the seminar or educational course.

4. Intellectual and industrial property rights
The whole of the website including, but not restricted, to text, images, graphics, optic means, videos, sound messages, sounds, articles, symbols, databases,  provided services and any file in general, constitutes intellectual property and is subject to the national and international provision regarding Intellectual Property, with the exception of the explicitly recognized third party rights. As a result the reproduction, transmission, distribution, publication, execution, download, translation, or modification of any kind, partially or as a whole, is strictly forbidden without the prior written consent of the website.
Notwithstanding, the singular storage and copy of  sections of the content to a personal computer for strict personal use, with no intent of commercial or other exploitation, is permitted, under the condition of the annotation of the source, without this resulting in any transfer or permit of the intellectual property rights of the website. Any other content included in the electronic pages of the website and is considered a registered trademark or/and product of intellectual property of third parties is a part of their sphere of responsibility and has nothing to do with the website.

5. Newsletter
You enjoy the right to register to the relevant service of the website in order to receive electronic messages, notification on workshops or educational programs and promotional emails from the website and it’s associates, with your explicit to the processing of your personal data. In order to register, we may ask you for some specific information, like your email address and the job sectors you are interested in. We use the information you provide as with to notify you of our services. We also use those information to adjust our notification to your preferences.
At any time of your choosing and completely free, you can unsubscribe for the srevic by choosing the corresponding option that you can find in our email messages and stop receiving newsletters on workshops or educational programs and promotional email messages from the website.
It lays within the discretion of the website whether to allow or deny the registration to this specific service, as well as the possible deletion of a user, particularly in case of bad, illecit or illegal use from the latter.

6. Automatic Collection of Personal Data – Cookies and Log files
Similarly with other companies, our company uses cookies and log files  to enhance the provided services and for the better comprehension of it’s use (by you). Log files are server files that are automatically created when a user visits the website. Cookies are small text files which are installed by websites to your computer’s hard drive. Each cookie has a unique code, which is used to identify the computer every time a use visits the website again.
In case you wish to prevent the use of cookies, in the option “Help” in the toolbar of most web browsers  is inscribed how you can prevent the acceptance of cookies how to get notifications each time a new cookie is installed and how to deactivate existing cookies. In case you deactivate cookies, you will still have the capacity to visit the website, but it is possible that some of it’s functions will be limited, as well as the full realization of the websites capabilities.
It is possible that some of our associates or administrators of websites which redirect to our website use. However, we do not have access or control over them and bear no responsibility for their use.

Contact us- Request for aid and information: If you need any kind of information or support from StudyinGrecce, you can contact us through email at info@studyingreece.gr or through the corresponding section in the website.

Last modification: 08/07/2019