Art & Design

BA (Hons) in Graphic Design

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AKTO - Art & Design College
Athens, Thessaloniki
October 2024, February 2025
3 years
Full Time, Part Time


 High School Certificate


Graphic Design combines elements of visual art and typography, photographs and graphics, so as to create a message which is convincing and touching, forming the broader area of visual communication. At the same time it devises and creates an identity for the message source. The Graphic Designer is known for his artistic education, knowledge of the rules and techniques of visual communication, high level aesthetics and design abilities, deep knowledge of digital media and their applications, proper judgment and knowledge on consumer psychology, marketing and advertising.

Course Content

Semester 1
Free Hand Drawing Α’ - Architectural Design Α’ - Graphic Design Α’ - History of Art Α’ - Applied Design/Synthesis Α’ - Application in Decor Α’ - Materials & Colours Α’

Semester 2
Free Hand Drawing Β’ - Architectural Design Β’ - Graphic Design Β’ - History of Art Β’ - Applied Design/Synthesis Β’ - Application in Decor Β’- Materials & Colours Β’ - Computer Design A’

Year 1
Semester 3
Visual Arts Theory & Practice I - Visual Communication Design I - Graphic Design I

Semester 4
Visual Arts Theory & Practice II - Visual Communication Design II - Graphic Design II

Year 2
Semester 5
Graphic Design & Communication I - Creative Visual Communication I - Typography & Digital Media I

Semester 6
Graphic Design & Communication ΙI - Creative Visual Communication II - Typography & Digital Media IΙ

Year 3 (Final year of the Bachelor Degree)
During this year you will have the opportunity, through your Dissertation project, to specialize on a specific field of study in Graphic Design. In the first semester you will develop a written research study (Dissertation) of 10,000 words, on a topic of your choice. You are to present it to your tutors and class and be assessed. At the same time you are to prepare a creative project (subject) as preparation for your Main project, through workshops arranged by the College. In the second semester you will work on your Main project on a topic of your choice, and present it. This should be accompanied by a document providing information on your research, showing your experimentation, explaining your creative selections and leading the examiner through the stages of your preparation to your final work. The Main project is presented to a tutor committee in the presence of an audience.

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