Art & Design

BA (Hons) in Product & Design Innovation

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AKTO - Art & Design College
Athens, Thessaloniki
October 2024, February 2025
3 years
Full Time, Part Time


High School Certificate 


The Product Designer searches for the aesthetic perfection of the form of every product – object, to be produced while, at the same time, studies in detail, its ergonomics and functionality. He investigates and takes into consideration marketing research, construction materials and their affect on the environment, contemporary design trends, the competition, multiple applications and the construction cost, so as to create new and original products, of aesthetic and practical value. AKTO’s facilities include a workshop, offering students the opportunity to create accurate models and technical drawings, perfecting their ideas.

Introduces students to the fundamental principles of the programme. During this year, through a series of technical modules, you will acquire design skills and develop your organization, methodology and observation abilities, elements which are necessary for the continuation of your studies. You will experiment with various materials, media and techniques.
You will be taught the theory of composition and its applications and take your first steps in visual communication and graphic design applications. A series of modules in History of Art will deepen your knowledge on the trends developed in European Art, until the end of the 19th Century. An introduction to computers and software programmes with applications on digital manipulation will complete your first year studies.

Semester 1
Free Hand Drawing Α’ - Architectural Design Α’ - Graphic Design Α’ - History of Art Α’ - Applied Design/Synthesis Α’ - Application in Decor Α’ - Materials & Colours Α’
Semester 2
Free Hand Drawing Β’ - Architectural Design Β’ - Graphic Design Β’ - History of Art Β’ -Applied Design/Synthesis Β’ - Application in Decor Β’ - Materials & Colours Β’ - Computer Design A’

Year 1
Semester 3
Interior Architecture I - Interior Design I - Product Design I
Semester 4
Approaches in Industrial Product Design I - Space and Equipment Design I - Product Design IΙ

Year 2
Semester 5
Technical Drawing, 3D Modeling & Presentation I - Methodology of Industrial Product Design in Context I - Product Design III
Semester 6
Technical Drawing, 3D Modeling & Presentation IΙ - Methodology of Industrial Product Design in Context IΙ - Product Design IV

Year 3 (Final year of the Bachelor Degree)
In the first semester you will develop a written research study (Dissertation) of 10,000 words, on a topic of your choice. You are to present it to your tutors and class and be assessed. At the same time you are to prepare a creative project (subject), so as to develop your skills on research and dealing with matters related to practicality, operations, ergonomics, aesthetics, semeiotics and ecology, as preparation for your Main project, through workshops arranged by the College. In the second semester you will work on your Main project on a topic of your choice, and present it. This should be accompanied by a document providing information on your research, showing your experimentation, explaining your creative selections and leading the examiner through the stages of your preparation to your final work. The Main project is presented to a tutor committee in the presence of an audience and you will be assessed on clarity, presentation, originality and quality of project. 

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