Art & Design

BA (Hons) in Photography

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AKTO - Art & Design College
Athens, Thessaloniki
February 2024, October 2024
3 years
Full Time, Part Time


 High School Certificate


Photography, beyond its technical dimension, is recognized as one of the widely spread media of communication of the 21st Century, as well as one of the most multidimensional forms of art. Image, today more than ever, is the most direct way of communication and expression. Photography studies at AKTO examine image composition and the rules of visual communication, the theory and technique of the medium, as well as its specialized applications. They develop students’ creativity, aesthetic culture and critical thinking, while requiring constant updating and mastering of equipment in contemporary technology and digital media.

Year 1
The first year of studies introduces you to the main principles of Photography. It includes an analytical presentation of the History of Photography (19th – 20th Century), through lectures – critical analysis of the works of Greek and foreign photographers. You will be acquainted to the theory and the applications of the photographic technique (equipment, photometry, photographic shots, film, printing etc). In addition, you will work on the tools for the composition of the “frame” and you will develop your critical abilities, through the presentations of your works. A series of creative projects will assist you to learn about some of the most basic fields in the sector, such as Advertising Photography, reportage and portrait. You will also have your first contact with digital technology, you will be given an introduction to computers and the digital manipulation of image.

Semester 1
History & Theory Ι - Photographic Principles Ι - Composition in Photography I
Semester 2
Photographic Techniques I - Commercial Photography I - Composition in Photography II

Year 2
Semester 3
Advanced Photographic Techniques I - Creative Expression in Photographic Applications I - History & Theory II
Semester 4
Special Advanced Photographic Techniques I - Creative Expression in Photographic Applications II - Visual Approach in Photography I

Year 3 (Final year of the Bachelor Degree)
In the first semester you will develop a written research study (Dissertation) of 8,000 words, on a topic of your choice. You are to present it to your tutors and class and be assessed. The programme also includes attendance to a series of specialized workshops, on Architectural Photography, Photographic Maintenance and Advertising Photography, which will broaden your field of knowledge. In the second semester the main weight of your work is placed on the Main project on a topic of your choice, with the supervision of a tutor. It is a photographic scrapbook which, over and above a series of photographs, includes a written research part, with your personal style, selecting freely its technique and aesthetic approach. A different and always impressive exhibition is organized annually by you, the graduates of the programme, in context with the Portfolio Preparation classes, which bring you in contact with techniques and ways for the presentation and promotion of your work. Your first steps in the industry are supported by seminars and projects on your professional preparation. 

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