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A New Era for Greek Hospitality - Summer Programme

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Metropolitan College
Athens, Thessaloniki
July 2020
2 weeks
Full Time


Globalization and the current economic conditions have changed the international setting for the hospitality industry. This multidimensional programme guides participants through the various paths of the Greek hospitality industry which is now coming forward to respond to the new challenges. From local food producers to big hospitality chains, participants are given the opportunity to learn and reflect upon the role of the tourism stakeholders under the prism of authenticity. Innovation and new forms of entrepreneurship in the tourism sector are being transformed into workshops that offer practical and academic skills and knowledge.

Learning Outcomes and Goals
Upon successful completion of the programme, students should be able to:
• Demonstrate knowledge of the different sectors that the hospitality industry is consisted
• Understand the impacts that globalization and economic conditions have on the hospitality industry
• Understand the crucial role of the local producers for the national economy
• Discuss new forms of entrepreneurship in the tourism sector

Programme Highlights
The local identity of the programme, the combination of theory and practice (sightseeing, cooking classes, local product tasting, wineries, experts’ talk i.e. people from the hospitality industry). The USP of the specific programme is the fact that the content is contemporary and unique at the same time (how the hospitality industry responds to the current international challenges).

Site visits (out-of-class experiences that supplement lectures as an integral part of the programme): Wineries, day cruises, local products (such as doughnuts, herbs, cold cuts/ dairy produce in Koropi), olive oil tasting, the Acropolis Museum, Hotels, Athens and Thessaloniki city tours.


Duration (in days): 8 (2 weeks)
June 24 – July 7, 2018
Number of instructional hours: 3-4 hours/day (24 – 32 hours in total)

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