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[In]Visible Athens: Experiencing Art and Architecture - Summer Programme

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Metropolitan College
July 2020
2 weeks
Full Time


The programme deals with the creative process within architecture and reveals how it weaves together art, inspiration and creativity. Through a series of lectures, educational activities, fieldtrips and workshops, the participants will have the chance to see and articulate connections between art and architecture. The field lab will be a tour of Athens to see some of its most significant works of ancient and modern art and architecture. Participants will combine creativity in photography, collage and concrete examples in art and architecture.

Learning Outcomes and Goals

Learning Outcomes: on completion of this programme, participants will:
- Be able to develop their personal views and ideas towards art and architecture
- Be able to explore and analyze historical and contemporary practice to support the development of their personal ideas
- Be able to synthesize knowledge to produce creative responses

Main Goals:
- To gain foundational skills, including understanding art and space, through the lens of architecture
- To acquire knowledge of how arts influence architecture
- To think creatively and to express views about art and architecture

Programme Highlights
The programme aims to help the participants broaden their horizons and understand how arts and architecture serve as a regulatory force in our lives through many different media (collages, photography exposition, notes, sketches). Participants will get a unique perspective on Athens and a unique opportunity to take part in Athens historical continuum.

Site visits (out-of-class experiences that supplement lectures as an integral part of the programme) :

Athens Walking Tour: “Neighborhoods of the Gods”
The experience of the field trip focuses on the multiple dimensions and contradicting realities of the city of Athens. The historic districts at the foot of the Acropolis demonstrate the relationship between the individual, the historical landscape and the designed environment of Athens.

Acropolis Museum: “Integration of the Historic Cityscape in the Contemporary City”
With the Acropolis rock as a background, the participants will get a full view of the Parthenon sculptures as they used to be on the ancient building and appreciate the museum atmosphere, the natural lighting and the views of the excavations through the glass floors

Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre (SNFCC): “Athens Waterfront”
The field trip includes the new buildings in the Falirikon Delta construction site of the Greek National Opera and of the National Library of Greece as well as the Stavros Niarchos Park, a large-scale landscaped park that opens the city to the waterfront.
Equipment Required: Markers, Pencils, Glue Sticks, Scissors, Camera Phones or Digital Cameras


Duration (in days): 8 (2 weeks)
Number of instructional hours: 3-4 hours/day (24 – 32 hours in total)

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