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BSc Politics and International Relations from the University of London

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Octomber 2020
3 years
Full Time, Part Time


- A good High School Certificate
- A good IELTS score or the equivalent


The BSc Politics and International Relations of the University of London International Programmes has been designed by the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), which provides the academic direction.
The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) provides academic direction for this programme. LSE is regarded as an international centre of academic excellence and innovation in the social sciences. It is an institution renowned for focusing on ‘real world’ issues.
Graduates of this degree acquire solid scientific training in the subjects of international relations, politics and world and European history, with career opportunities at an international level.
DEI College is a Registered Centre in Greece for this University of London undergraduate programme. This means that in the considered view of the University of London it demonstrates commitment to developing high standards in respect of teaching, support to students and administrative processes.

Programme Overview
This degree enables you to combine a study of both politics and international relations. How political power is distributed and organised within the state and between states is central to this specialism. International relations is concerned with the behaviour of states and their relations with each other. It considers some of the great issues of international society, such as the causes of war and the conditions of peace. But it also concerns international economic relations and such questions as globalisation: its advantages and disadvantages and the international organisations, like the UN system and the European Union.
The BSc degree consists of twelve courses and may be completed in 3 years.


This degree would suit you if you are hoping to pursue a career in governments, international organizations, business and the media or postgraduate studies.

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