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New York College
October 2021
4 years
Full Time


  • High School Certificate
  • A minimum of English
  • Language at B2 (IELTS 6.00)
  • Official Certificate for mental and physical health including meeting eyesight standards
  • Successful Interview with Program Director


This program aims to educate and train students in order to successfully fulfill their economic, organizational and management activities within the range of one’s duties in the role of Deck Officer in complicated and often extreme situations with multinational crews. The program ensures graduates with a wide range of competencies including, but not limited to:

  • Critical thinking and space orientation
  • Quick and objective appraisal of the situation and taking timely and effective actions
  • Leadership and teamwork
  • Understanding of ship crew responsibilities and duties
  • Understanding of ship construction theory and practice
  • Knowledge and Skills in Social, Economic and Law Subjects
  • High Intelligence and Knowledge in Humanitarian Subjects, including inter alia: culture, ethics, skills for self-training, ability in acquiring new developments of the shipping industry.
  • Training in Fundamental Engineering
  • Mastery of fundamental sea competencies and skills (sailing, rowing and steering; first medical aids)

Fundamental personal qualities: discipline, honesty, objectivity, organization, independence and initiative, responsibility, sustainability in physical and mental stress, adaptability and professionalism.


After the onboard training period graduates are able to work as:
  • Watchkeeping Officers on board ships over 500 gt in all regions of sailing
  • Watchkeeping Officers on board ships up to 500 gt in coastal waters
  • Watchkeeping Officer on board ships up to 500 gt in regional sailing

After some time of practice at sea, determined in STCW:

  • Chief Officers on board ships from 500 up to 3000 gt,
  • Chief Officer on board ships over 3000 gt ,
  • Master of ships up to 500 gt in costal and regional sailing.

Following the completion of an additional short-term specific qualification:

  • Managers in the sector of water transport and maritime administration
  • Senior management positions in maritime-related sectors such as shipping companies, shipbuilding, shipyards, logistics, transportation, classification societies, and insurance. They offer alternative employment and substantial prospects possibilities, depending on the will and aspiration of each graduate.
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