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BSc (Hons) in Management Information Systems

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DEREE - The American College of Greece
January 2024, September 2024
4 years
Full Time, Part Time


The Management Information Systems (MIS) program, which will be offered by the Department of CIS at Deree – The American College of Greece, has been designed to meet the growing demand for information systems skills and to provide students with the necessary qualifications towards information systems careers.

What You Will Study
Students today are challenged by a unique business environment characterized by an increasing dependence on automation, information dominance, an economic slowdown, global unrest, and new global economy rules of employment. Taking this into consideration, through the MIS curriculum we help our students turn these challenges into competitive advantages by offering modules through which they obtain analytical and quantitative skills, apply critical thinking and scientific methods and identify professional and academic career paths.

Students enrolling in the program do not necessarily need to have prior knowledge in the field. Learning is ensured through well-balanced coherent modules, where knowledge is built up gradually from introductory concepts and fundamentals to problem solving and information systems design. Since information systems play a significant role in streamlining business processes, disseminating information throughout the organisation, and change the organisation’s strategic perspective, students learn how to use systems, tools and techniques to manage and design a variety of information systems. Additionally, the technologies’ skillset students develop is complemented by the theoretical components of the program. Therefore, theoretical knowledge on information systems is emerged through the information systems subjects of the program, such as social networking, enterprise systems and customer relationship management systems, electronic commerce, business intelligence, security, analysis and design and knowledge management.


Career/Graduate Study Opportunities
Out of the 25 fastest growing occupations, 10 are in computing related fields. Hence, graduates may look forward to challenging careers in computing or apply their knowledge within any other area of business. In general, the educational background of MIS graduates can provide them with career opportunities in the computer and finance sectors, multinationals, local companies, or the public sector.

Please find below a list of selected types of jobs filled by MIS students and graduates:
E-business consultants
Business analysts
Information systems analysts
Trainers in IS/IT solutions
IS & IT managers
Electronic commerce professionals
Information security professionals
Information systems consultants
Project managers
IT account professionals.

Prospective employers can be grouped in four categories:
Information systems vendors providing IT/IS solutions
Information systems integrators and resellers offering systems implementation and services
Consulting firms offering I.S. consulting services
Any other business-related organization that offers non-IT products & services to its customers where the IT/IS function supports its business development and operations.

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