Bsc (Hons) Psychology

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Metropolitan College
Athens, Thessaloniki
Octomber 2020
3 years
Full Time
Greek, English


Psychology is the scientific study of thoughts, emotions, behaviour and relationships. It aims to understand, to predict and to influence behaviour through research. Psychologists study a wide range of topics which affect human behaviour, including social, biological, developmental, cognitive and emotional factors. Research methodology is essential for all areas of Psychology and thus students learn both research strategies and data analysis methods. The course offers a broad insight into the history of Psychology as well as into the contemporary theories and modern branches.

It covers the following areas:
- Research Methodology and Investigative Methods for students.
- Development of the critical thinking and research abilities of students.
- Understanding of the values of Psychology and its modern practice and applications.

Programme Structure
The BSc Psychology is a 3-year programme. Students must complete 120 credits every year, which are obtained according to the modules taken. Each module carries a specific number of credits, once it has been taken and successfully passed, in accordance with the marking criteria in effect.

The modules are classified into two categories:
- Compulsory – These modules must be taken and successfully passed for progression to the next year of study.
- Required – These modules must be taken, but the progression to the next year of study is possible even if they are not successfully completed. In this case, these modules must be re-taken and successfully completed.


Students have many options once they graduate. Among others, they can:
- Continue their studies at postgraduate level
- Work at various types of companies and organisations
- Work at mental health institutions or for social services

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