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Bachelor in Film Studies

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New York College
October 2022
3 years
Full Time, Part Time


A pass mark in your High School Certificate
A good standard of English (IELTS 5.0 or a recognized equivalent).


The FILM STUDIES department in NYC is the FIRST SCHOOL OF FILM STUDIES in GREECE which upgraded its cinema studies at UNIVERSITY LEVEL in collaboration with the UNIVERSITY OF GREENWICH in London! Established twenty years ago and majored in film direction, the studies cover all audiovisual fields, leading to a degree in various directions (screenwriting, film history and art cinema, photography, sound, production management, film editing, acting etc.).

It is open to people of all ages and backgrounds, it offers a unique three-year bachelor’s degree in FILM STUDIES in collaboration with the University of Greenwich. This degree is the only one in Greece which combines theory and practice, providing students with theoretical, practical, and technical training, meeting all the requirements for a successful career. Academically, all graduates may proceed on their master’s and doctoral degrees on the field of Cinema Studies.

All professors combine a multi-year teaching and academic experience, with high professional orientation, being top professionals in their majors. This means that they provide students with all the THEORETICAL AND APPLIED TUITION guiding them throughout and after the completion of their studies, in the directions and demands of a successful PROFESSIONAL CAREER. Director and film theorist Dimitris Panagiotatos is the course director of the FILM STUDIES.

The FILM STUDIES department offers students full coverage of technical infrastructure for the needs of their films (cameras, audio equipment, lights, film editing etc.). Students can choose from hundreds of film titles from our video library, while cinema celebrities, of various majors, from Greek and international venues, are invited for seminars, lectures or masterclasses.


  • SCREEN NOW Directing today, cinema now. Combining theory and practice, this lesson introduces students to the art of cinema, offering knowledge and critical thinking about creating their own movies.
  • SCREEN HISTORIES Introduction to the history of cinema, from the beginning of art to the present. Cinematographic streams, creators, films, through a lesson aimed at analysis and understanding of the art of cinema.
  • STORYTELLING FOR FILM & TV The basics of script writing. The development of the idea, its formation in history, the plot, the narration economy, the characters, the scenes. Understanding the image as a narrative.
  • MEDIA TECHNOLOGIES Laboratory course of practical applications of cinema. Sculpting small scenes to understand the language of the cinema.


  • INDEPENDENT FILMMAKING PRACTICES How knowledge and inspiration replenish the lack of money. A complete experience producing low-budget films, from conception to finishing.
  • TRANSNATIONAL SCREENS A combination of theory and action for the understanding cinematic style and the personality of the director-creator. Practical applications. WRITING FOR THE SCREEN Syllabus of a workshop that deepens and evolves narrative techniques through workshops and writing scripts for cinema, TV and Web series at a professional level.
  • RETHINKING DOCUMENTARY Theoretical and practical approach to documentary and non-narrative in general cinema. Production of small student films.


  • ADVANCED PROJECTS The student's film (from the idea of the film to its completion) is produced during the course of the year, with 2 theoretical and practical courses, involving two parallel courses and process steps: • idea / treatment / scenario, • direction / production
  • CINEMA & TIME Time in cinema. The different concepts of time through viewing and analysis of films, as well as their ways of applying to the cinema. Theoretical and practical work.
  • CINEMA & SPACE What does space mean in cinema: not just local, architectural or geographic space, but also the space that creates concepts and feelings. Theoretical and practical work.
  • Duration


  • It is a modern and innovative School of Film Studies, majored in Film Direction
  • It offers a unique three-year bachelor’s degree in film studies accredited both in Greece and abroad
  • Open to people of all ages and backgrounds
  • All professors combine in the best way a multi-year teaching and academic experience with high professional orientation


Graduates have a wide range of majors to pursue in the film industry, both in the theoretical and on the practical and technical fields. Indicatively: directors, screenwriters, production managers, directors of photography, film editors, film theorists, film critics, professors, multi-media consultants, and overall, a professional career on the audiovisual field.

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