BSc Sustainable Agriculture and Management

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Perrotis College
February 2024, September 2024
3 years
Full Time


The overall aim of the Sustainable Agriculture and Management (SAM) program is to provide high quality and professionally relevant undergraduate modules to transfer scientific and technical knowledge as well as practical skills. Program graduates benefit from a wide-ranging, critical understanding of the areas of agriculture and precision agriculture, the environment, sustainable crop and soil management, as well as human and animal nutrition and consumer issues as they relate to the SAM disciplines.

The goals of the Sustainable Agriculture and Management (with specializations in Precision Agriculture and Livestock Management) are to enable the student to:

  • Acquire critical thinking and research skills in order to pursue post-graduate studies and/or a career in agriculture, environmental management or livestock management;
  • Develop an understanding of the fundamentals and principles of various forms of agro-environmental systems management;
  • Acquire knowledge of cutting edge technology for optimum crop, soil and animal management, and for the production of quality products and business sustainability;
  • Develop a thorough awareness of the basic aspects of the agro-environmental complexities and apply holistic approaches for sustainable agriculture;
  • Gain an awareness of the significance of the modification of the agro-environment, and the impact of proposed changes;
  • Develop awareness and sensibility regarding animal and plant welfare and their environments;
  • Gain hands-on experience in work and professional fields connected to the individual student’s academic and career aspirations;
  • Cultivate the qualities of character necessary to function maturely and responsibly in a work-related environment.
  • Effectively collaborate with others in the problem-solving process;
  • Develop the ability to conduct research and report on one’s finding clearly, honestly and accurately;
  • Identify and meet professional and educational goals;
  • Assume leadership roles in completing individual and group tasks; and
  • Work effectively in team oriented activities.


  • Precision Agriculture
  • Livestock Management



Students in any of the two pathways (Precision Agriculture and Livestock Production) of the BSc (Hons/Ord) Sustainable Agriculture and Management (SAM) program will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of production of food and non-food products from land resources, and agro-ecosystem sustainability
  • Discuss the principles of land and crop management in a systems (holistic) approach, considering environmental interactions and multiple effects
  • Relate the management practices with critical financial, social and environmental issues in the context of world and EU forthcoming legislation (reformed Common Agricultural Policy-CAP) and the climate change impact.
  • Knowledge and understanding

Students pursuing a BSc (Hons) in Sustainable Agriculture and Management (SAM) program will also be able to:

  • demonstrate an in-depth knowledge in the selected field;
  • critically evaluate contemporary approaches and technologies as well as innovative systems in the field of life sciences, agriculture and the environment;
  • design, execute, and discuss the outcomes of a research project in a relevant area.
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