Agri-food, Business & Management

BSc International Business

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Perrotis College
February 2024, September 2024
3 years
Full Time


The goals of the International Business major are to enable students to accomplish the following:

  • Develop an awareness of the various fundamental aspects of the fields of agriculture, tourism and management, as well as the processing and marketing of food products;
  • Demonstrate a sensitivity for the natural environment, cultural diversity and sustainable development;
  • Cultivate creativity, innovativeness and critical judgment in decision-making;
  • Communicate, orally and in writing, in a professional manner in a variety of industry and service related contexts;
  • Gain hands-on experience in work and professional fields connected to each student’s academic and career aspirations;
  • Cultivate the qualities of character necessary to function maturely and responsibly in a work-related environment;
  • Effectively collaborate with others in the problem-solving process;
  • Develop the ability to conduct research and report on one’s findings clearly, honestly and accurately;
  • Identify and meet professional and educational goals;
  • Assume leadership roles in completing individual and group tasks; and
  • Work effectively in team oriented activities.

Research conducted by IB lecturers at Perrotis College, focuses in the areas of Extroversion/Internationalization of Greek SMEs, International Trade and Food Exports, Entrepreneurship, Innovation Marketing and New product Development and Alternative Tourism.


  • Marketing Management for the food sector

This specialization is designed for students wishing to pursue a career in the many areas connected to the food sector, ranging from the purchasing of raw materials to manufacturing, distribution, sales, marketing, and consumer perspectives.

Graduates of this specialization-- having gained a knowledge of both management and marketing, as well as hands-on work experience through the College’s close relationship with firms in the food sector--will be well prepared to pursue post-graduate study or directly enter manufacturing or retail positions in an industry where the demand for well-trained, experienced professionals exceeds availability.

  • International Food and Agribusiness Management

The International Food and Agribusiness Management specialization is designed to develop in students theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the areas of business management, enterprise, economic policy, human resource management, finance, technology, and the environment. The program emphasizes both local and global perspectives as they relate to each other and to the greater agrofood industry.

A rapidly changing field, the agrofood sector continually faces new challenges with regards to technical developments, manufacturing processes, environmental concerns and nutritional awareness. For this reason, our graduates are primed to work in positions where they must make sensitive, well informed decisions connected to the management of human and natural resources, equipment and technology, and finance and business systems; and are able demonstrate a high level of communication and presentation skills, to conduct analyses and interpret research effectively, to apply numeric and IT skills in a variety of contexts, and to display both individual leadership and the ability to work within a team.

Students who complete this specialization are eligible to pursue post-graduate studies or directly enter management positions connected to the field of agribusiness, which includes not only commercial farmers, but also businesses and corporations that provide them with services and supplies.


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