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BA (Hons) Fashion Product and Promotion

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  • Diploma and transcript from your high school
  • Evidence of your ability in English language
  • Portfolio
  • Passport
  • AAS Application Form completed



In this course, our aim is to invoke students’ creativity and their passion for making fashion! On the other hand, they learn how to promote fashion products.

“The global fashion apparel industry is one of the most important sectors of the economy in terms of investment, revenue, and trade and employment generation all over the world. Apparel industry has short product life cycles, tremendous product variety, volatile and unpredictable demand, long and inflexible supply processes. The industry has been in a transition over the last 20 years” (Fashion Apparel Industry Overview).

In today’s world of globalised fashion with the extensive competition between the different fashion houses, designers and multibillion fashion corporations, there is an increasing need of communicating ones messages as clearly and uniquely as possible. The message of a brand must be distinct, clear and different from the others’ but even if it is not, it MUST find a way to become one to have the chance of succeeding. Therefore, it is highly important to understand how to create a marketing and promotional strategy that will lead to success – or at least have many chances of leading to success.


Year 1 (national level 4):

Design Theory 1 (20 credits)
Gain an understanding of the wider application of design theory and principles as well as having the opportunity to study the context, development and theories behind your own chosen specialism. Debate and critically engage with the topics discussed.

Introduction to Design Practice and Fashion Promotion (60 credits)
Develop creative and valuable skills including including pattern cutting and garment making, traditional print-making, digital design, brand collaboration, visual merchandising and how to promote and communicate ideas.

Introduction to Fashion Product (40 credits)
Study the entire fashion process, from research and design development, right through to the finished product, including pattern cutting, garment construction and technical specifications.

Year 2 (national level 5):

Advanced Fashion Product (40 credits)
Combine exciting design and research to work on a live industry-based brief which focuses on producing unique outfits for exhibition as well as promotional materials including video, photography and poster design.

Advanced Fashion Promotion (40 credits)
Further develop your digital design skills and explore personal branding concepts to produce a fashion branding portfolio, as well as planning a Fashion Show and fundraiser event, gaining skills in collaboration, negotiation and self-management.

Advanced Fashion Illustration and Portfolio (20 credits)
Develop your skills in illustration and visual communication in creative and innovative ways to meet client requirements.

Design Theory 2 (20 credits)
Continue to study the context, development and theories behind your own chosen specialism and support your practical work, helping you to focus on your choice of dissertation topic in Stage 3.

Final year (national level 6):

Professional Portfolio (40 credits)
Further develop your professional skills by focusing on commercial design and range planning and developing your personal brand identity, while defining your fashion portfolio.

Design Research Project (20 credits)
Research an approach, concept or practice relevant to your specialism that is intended to support your practical work in your final major project. An example of this from a recent graduate was the study of Magic Realism, which directly fed into the narrative of their graduation film. Demonstrate academic research methods to formulate a written piece of 6,000 words.

Design – Major Final Portfolio (60 credits)
In your final project you get to set your own brief, which will be carefully researched and presented in your Final Proposal. This will provide the framework for your personal project, which you can direct in a number of ways. Past successful final projects have included an ethical childrenswear range for IKEA, an original branding and promotion pack for an urban menswear range and a conceptual collection of mens’ suits inspired by the stages of grief through to acceptance.


We’ll prepare you to work in areas including: fashion design, brand development, fashion publishing, production, design consultancies, PR and fashion retail.

To enhance your visibility to employers, we encourage you to participate in competitions and exhibitions. Final year students exhibit at their own Degree show, attended by industry professionals.

The main destinations for graduates are expected to be fashion-related creative industries. These include design, brand development, fashion publishing, production, design consultancies, PR and fashion retail. Some graduates may become freelance consultants or self-employed designers, or go on to further study or teacher training.

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