Computer Science & IT

BSc (Hons) Computer Science

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Metropolitan College
Athens, Thessaloniki
October 2024
3 years
Full Time
Greek, English


Why choose the BSc (Hons) Computer Science

✓ Αccredited programme of studies in Computing offered in Greece by a UK University.
✓ Successful completion of programme BSc (Hons) Computing at Metropolitan College leads to the award of Bachelor of Science by the University of East London.
✓ The largest investment in modern specialized IT laboratories.
✓ Opportunity to gain CISCO certifications during the course of their studies. Metropolitan College is the first college in Greece that was recognised as an official certified CISCO centre.
✓ Wide array of specialised seminars delivered by SAP members. Since 2013 Metropolitan College is a member of the international network SAP Alliances.
✓ International recognition of the awarded degree and employment opportunities in the wide network of cooperating companies where final year students do a practice-based placement,
✓ Opportunity to enroll on the only postgraduate programme in Computer Forensics offered in Greece by a UK University.
✓ Opportunity to gain Oracle certifications during their studies. Metropolitan College has joined the Oracle Workforce Development Program as an Oracle University Workforce Development Program partner in Greece.
✓ Metropolitan College collaborates with the leading technology solutions company worldwide, Microsoft.
✓ Metropolitan College has been recognized as; EC-Council Academia partner, member of SEPE, the Federation of Hellenic Information Technology Communications Enterprises, and GitHub Education Member.
✓ The Metropolitan College is the 1st College in Greece that has received the BCS Academic Membership.

The BSc (Hons) Computing is one of the most comprehensive Computing programmes offered in Greece. The market needs worldwide for qualified professionals in the field of Information Technology and New Technologies are growing rapidly. A wide range of computer systems, programmes and applications are now part of our everyday life, with systems designed to perfection, often critical for the proper functioning and survival of an organisation. It is a reasonable conclusion that the skilled professionals who design, implement and maintain these systems are valuable to any business.

The BSc (Hons) Computing provides combined knowledge from key scientific fields of such as Management and Information Systems, Computer Networks, Internet Technologies, Programming and Communication Systems Security. The main aim of the programme is to offer students the necessary theoretical knowledge of Computing and at the same time develop the practical skills required for a successful career in the IT sector. Graduates are competitive in the modern labor market and can take business projects such as the design of information systems, the creation of a platform for the electronic transmission of data, the development of Internet systems and mobile devices and more.


Career Prospects

  • The BSc (Hons) Computing offers the necessary skills to those who wish to advance professionally in the areas of Computing and New Technologies. Graduates of the programme can:
  • Pursue a career in Greek and multinational companies as:
  • Software Engineers with a specialisation in Internet nd Mobile applications
  • Computer Analysts
  • Telecommunications Network Engineers
  • Database designers and managers, etc.
  • Work as consultants in the areas of Computing and IT in commercial companies, as well as the public and the private sectors.
  • Get certified by the globally recognised British bodies IMIS (Institute for the Management of Information Systems) and BCS (British Computing Society).
  • Continue their studies at postgraduate level in Greece and abroad.
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