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BA (Hons) Architecture

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Metropolitan College
Athens, Thessaloniki
Octomber 2020
4 years
Full Time


While studying at the BA (Hons) Architecture programme, students are taught on the atelier method in small groups, under the direction of tutors who have freedom to devise their own projects. The programme emphasizes learning through making and critical reflection on what one has made, in this way developing creativity and judgment of each student. Most of the learning is done through project work in the Department's specialized architectural studios and workshops. Since the aim is to develop to the full each student's creativity and critical judgment, the programme is very demanding.
The programme is recognizable by its hands-on approach, working with the physical exploration of materials and the processes of site and context. As a complement to physical model making, the Department has a number of dedicated computer labs and design studios which explore more theoretical and virtual models of architecture. Design studies are supported by dynamic supporting programmes in technical studies, history and theory and representational skills.
It is clarified that individuals wishing to pursue a career and ultimately register as an architect in the UK and/or Greece should ensure that they are fully aware of the requirements for registration in those Member States. They will need to pass ARB's Prescribed Examination at Part 1 level, as the BA (Hons) Architecture is currently not recognised by the Architects Registration Board (ARB), and also gain ARB-recognised qualifications at Part 2 and Part 3 level, for the purposes of automatic registration as an architect in the UK and subsequently in Europe. They are advised to contact the ARB (, the appropriate authorities in Greece and the AMC Career Office for further advice and guidance on the full requirements that they will need to meet for this purpose. Interested parties should also be aware of the Professional Qualifications Directive 2005/36/EC.

Programme Structure
Architecture students come from many different educational backgrounds so the first year of the programme is partly diagnostic. It is organised to develop all the practical skills such as drawing or computer aided design, which an architect needs. Most of the teaching and learning is in small groups working on common themes in the project work. Some of the learning is through lectures and seminars, and involves reading and writing, but the heart of the programme is the design studio where students learn to become architects through project work. Students also make visits to study sites and buildings, cities and landscapes.
Most assessment is done through design projects. Students receive feedback on their progress throughout the year but assessment only takes place at the end of the academic year. There are no closed book examinations. Knowledge is assessed through its manifestation in course work, design projects and essays. Thinking skills are assessed through their manifestation in course work, design projects and essays. Practical skills are assessed through course work and design projects. Skills for life and work are assessed individually through the ability to produce design projects, coursework and essays, and the ability to explain one's work verbally at reviews and to the assessment panel.


Researching, Recording & Responding
Media Experimentation
Art & Design Process & Application I
Professional Studies I
Art History & Theory
STAGE 2 [11 Weeks]: PATHWAY
Art & Design Process & Application II
Professional Studies II
Architecture History & Theory
Final Major Project

Design I
Supporting Studies I
Technical Studies I
History & Theory I
Environment & Energy I
Visual Communication Studies [Drawing, Photography, M0ving Image]
Computing Studies I [AutoCAD, Illustrator, Photoshop]

Design II
Supporting Studies II
Technical Studies II
History & Theory II
Environment & Energy II
Computing Studies II [AutoCAD, RHINO, Illustrator, Photoshop]
Professional Studies I

Design III
Supporting Studies III
Technical Studies III
History & Theory III
Environment & Energy III
Professional Studies II


Career Prospects
The programme prepares you to enter the profession as an employee or an independent Architect through the development of your spatial imagination in relation to an architectural knowledge base. It prepares you by developing and broadening the basis for thinking about making architecture in practice. It is also good preparation for any work in which one needs to be able to analyze architectural problems and make proposals for their solution.
The professional rights and procedures concerning college graduates in Greece are determined by the relevant Greek legal framework (4093/2012) which governs their operation and other functions, as well as the relevant European legislation that regulates professional rights within the European framework.

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