B.Sc. in Psychology

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College for Humanistic Sciences – ICPS
Octomber 2019
3 years fulltime / 4-6 years part-time
Full Time, Part Time


1. High School diploma
2. English language Certificate (IELTS 6.0, or equivalent)
3. Interview with the Course leader


The programme is offered in association with the University of Central Lancashire as a franchised degree in Greece. As such, programme-module structure, material and delivery of the course are identical to those offered by UCLan in the UK.

Programme structure
The program consists of three parts which correspond in terms of time to the three years of education in full-time studies. During the first year the students come in contact with the basic sections of Psychology – cognitive, biological, social, developmental, research – and they understand the historical development, as well as, the most important scientific proposals in the field both in Greece and internationally. Moreover, the course offers training and support in the use of English Language, specialized for psychologists.

In the second part of the program, the students deepen their knowledge and research the basic principles that affect the discipline and how these connect and relate to the specializations in psychology. At the same time, they complete their detailed education in research methodology, which will prove useful not only for the third year and the research project, but also for any postgraduate education in the future.

During the third year of the course, a wide range of specialized knowledge is offered in various areas of Psychology and human behavior, such as, individual differences, aggressiveness, psychopathology, stress at work, memory disorders, learning difficulties, eating disorders etc.

Introduction to Psychological Enquiry
Psychobiology & Cognition
Psychology in Practice
Social Psychology
Developmental Psychology
Cognitive Psychology
Health Psychology
Research Methods
Individual Differences
The Psychology of Violent Behaviour
Memory Disorders
Juvenile Delinquency
Psychology of Reading
Eating Behaviours and Disorders
Psychology Project

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