Engineering & Technology

MEng Civil Engineering and Construction

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Metropolitan College
Athens, Thessaloniki
October 2024
5 years
Full Time
Greek, English


 The programme is addressed to high-school leavers who wish to pursue a career in the area of Civil Engineering & Construction.

Required documentation:

  • Completed application form
  • Copy of passport (page with your personal details and photo)
  • Certified English translation of High School Leaving Certificate and mark sheet or equivalent qualifications•
  • Proof of English language proficiency
  • Letter of recommendation / reference from academics or employers
  • Other certificates/degrees
  • Cases of candidates with proven knowledge in the field in addition to theirSecondary education are examined on a case-by-case basis.

A personal interview complements the evaluation of the above documentation.


Why choose the MEng Civil Engineering and Construction?
✓ The only integrated Master of Engineering course in Civil Engineering offered in Greece by a UK University.
✓ Successful completion of the course leads to an integrated Master’s degree of Engineering (MEng) awarded by University of East London.
✓ Modern and specialized laboratories: Concrete lab, Soil Mechanics lab, Hydraulic lab, Surveying lab, Engineering Geology lab e.t.c.
✓ Project-based learning approach that combines theoretical development through laboratory sessions and field/practical work.

Civil Engineering is one of the oldest professions in the world, but is constantly modernized based on current socio-economic conditions. MEng Civil Engineering & Construction aims at providing students with expert training in order to become highly-skilled professionals engaged in the design, analysis and supervision of construction works of the built environment.

The science of Civil Engineering deals with the application of technical, scientific and mathematical knowledge in order to utilize the laws of nature and natural resources for the design of construction works (e.g. buildings, bridges, water supply systems, fuel storage tanks) and technical and social infrastructure (e.g. airports, roads, ports, dams) in order to improve the quality of life of social members.

Professional activity of civil engineers is multidisciplinary and diverse and concerns issues related to planning, design, construction supervision, configuration and maintenance of buildings and road networks, bridges, ports, dams, coastal infrastructure, airports, water supply systems, clean water systems, mining works, excavation etc.

The curriculum of Civil Engineering and Construction programme of study is adapted to the needs of the Greek industry, providing the fundamental knowledge and theory of the science and training the students in order to successfully put this knowledge into practice, whilst being fully in line with the curriculum of the British partner university.

The course is largely participatory and includes theoretical courses, laboratory sessions and field/practical work. Theoretical part is presented during the lectures and is linked to laboratory and field work. Laboratory courses are conducted at Metropolitan College’s fully equipped laboratory installations.


Career Prospects
The integrated Master of Engineering offers the necessary skills to those who wish to advance professionally in the Civil Engineering and Construction sector. Graduates of the programme of study can pursue a career as Civil Engineers working in technical/construction companies or as freelancers.

The professional activities of the Civil Engineer are related to the various and diverse sub-disciplines, such as:

  • Analysis and design of buildings and bridges, design of water supply systems and irrigation networks, road networks, hydro-structures (dams, weirs etc)
  • Supervision and construction audit and in general management of technical projects.
  • Studies on environmental impact of technical works.
  • Consultancy work on maintenance, repair and reinforcement of structures.
  • Expertise on building pathology.
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