The HERMA Institute of Dramatherapy and Play Therapy

5 Filippou Litsa str., Chalandri, 15234
T. +30 210 6816716

Founded in 1992, Herma* is a Psychotherapeutic and Diagnostic centre, which works with Child Psychiatrists, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Dramatherapists, Playtherapists, Speech Therapists, teachers in Special Education and Occupational Therapists. The centre not only operates as a therapeutic centre but also a centre for creative expression and learning for those interested in widening their knowledge and those who wish to work in the field of Dramatherapy, Playtherapy or Psychotherapy in general. It also runs Seminars and Conferences aimed at informing the public at large.

Total confidentiality and therapeutic secrecy are ensured, except in cases of abuse or threat to human life.

During the first session an initial evaluation of the problem is carried out and the prospective client is informed about the services offered by our centre. Subsequently, we make our therapeutic proposal.

*Support, footing, pedestal, foundation. In ancient Greek, a heap of stones, a small hill and by extension a place of refuge. In modern Greek, mainly used to mean the weight placed in the hull of a ship to provide greater stability (ballast). In aeronautics, extra weight, carried in the form of sacks of sand or water in hot air balloons, released to regulate altitude. Metaphorically, the store of knowledge, experience, earnestness and principles which help an individual to face the trials and tribulations of life without faltering.

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