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MSc in Entrepreneurship

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ALBA Graduate Business School, The American College of Greece
September 2024
12-14 months
Full Time


A Program Designed for those Who:
• Have graduated recently and seriously consider an entrepreneurial career.
• Obtained work experience and wish to make the move from employment to entrepreneurship.
• Want to enhance their intrapreneurial skills necessary for a successful career in startups and large innovative companies.
• Are members of their family businesses and they prepare to take on increasing responsibility in the company and pursue growth initiatives.


This ground-breaking and exciting program develops entrepreneurial skills, knowledge and experience. Changing the rules of the enterprise education game, the degree prepares learners to live, craft, master and create entrepreneurship.
The MSc in Entrepreneurship is built upon the concept of Effectuation, a logic of entrepreneurial expertise that both novice and experienced entrepreneurs can use in the highly unpredictable start-up phase of a venture to reduce failure costs for the entrepreneur.
A new approach to entrepreneurship education. The MSc in Entrepreneurship prepares learners to live, craft, master and create entrepreneurship. It takes place both in the real world of the entrepreneur, and within ALBA’s “Business unusual” classrooms. From generating creative ideas to launching innovative “happenings”, from building a strong business model to detailed financial planning, the MSc in Entrepreneurship prepares participants for creating and leading the new ventures of the future. A ground-breaking and exciting program that balances the practice of entrepreneurship with the mastery of core managerial competences.

• The program draws from the expertise of AHEAD, the ALBA Hub for Entrepreneurship and Development, a well-established team within the school which provides a range of support for entrepreneurship, for our students, graduates and other stakeholders.
• The innovative combination of practical action learning and classroom education represents the very best international practice in enterprise education.
• The MSc will be delivered by highly specialized resident and visiting faculty and guest speakers, including leading global figures from entrepreneurship education, and dynamic young entrepreneurs.
• The MSc enhances individual skills, but also pays special emphasis on preparing participants to work outstandingly well with others, through workshops on Emotional Intelligence and Negotiations, as well as extensive team work.


Financing options
• Self-financing
• Company sponsorship (full or partial)
• Scholarships/Financial Aid
Alba Graduate Business School is committed to attracting outstanding individuals and helping them finance their studies. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of prior academic excellence and scholarship recipients must maintain high performance throughout their studies. Financial Aid is awarded to worthy candidates on the basis of financial need.

Tuition fees are paid at the beginning of each two-month period, plus a one-off non-refundable fee upon registration.
Key features of the program
• Weekday classes between 18:00 – 22:00, three times per weeks on average
• A 12-month program (working students can extend their studies to 14 months)
• 15 core modules & 2 workshops
• Assessment: group reports/presentations, case study analysis, mid-term tests, final exams
• New Venture project

For information regarding student fees please contact the Institute.
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