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MArch Architecture and Urban Design

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Metropolitan College
Athens, Thessaloniki
October 2023
2 years
Full Time
Greek, English


The programme is addressed to a wide range of graduates and professionals related to the construction industry who wish to pursue a career in Civil Engineering.

Required Documentation:
Copy of 2:1 or above Architecture bachelor degree with Royal Institute of British Architects part 1
English language proficiency at a minimum of IELTS band 6.5 with no component score below 6.0.
Letters of Recommendation
Copy of Identity Card
Other certificates/degrees
AMC Application Form

All suitable applicants will be required to submit an online portfolio as part of the selection process.
Students with appropriate qualifications and design skills may be accepted directly.


The MArch Architecture & Urban Design aims at equipping students with the appropriate professional and creative skills for a successful career as an architect. It is structured to ensure the integration and synthesis of contextual, technical and professional complexities inherent within the design process. The architectural design process is supported by the theoretical, cultural, environmental, technical and professional studies, which provide an interdisciplinary learning environment that is necessary in today’s professionally complex architectural world. Through a wide range of architectural design projects, the first year of studies aims at developing a design process related to complex building and urban design projects. The second year requires the completion of a student-led Thesis Design project, which involves the developing of architectural design that responds to specific questions along the development of a detailed architectural technology portfolio.

The MArch Architecture & Urban Design provides a unique opportunity to study architecture from the urban scale to the building scale; the city becomes the contextual lab that informs and inspires an architectural response to contemporary challenges of local and supralocal nature. The programme is shaped by the notion that Architecture graduates should be equipped to respond effectively and creatively to the challenges of contemporary society for a more sustainable future.

Why choose the MArch Architecture & Urban Design?

  •    Metropolitan College is the first and only Higher Educational institution in Greece that acquires accreditation from the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).
  •    The MArch Architecture & Urban Design is a franchise programme with Oxford Brookes University, one of the world leading Schools of Architecture that have established an international reputation for the quality for its role in defining the national and international agenda in design education and research.
  •     The aspiration of the programme of study, as part of an emerging, independent School of Architecture, is the development of a dynamic cosmopolitan environment where current issues and challenges posed by contemporary society, inform design development and philosophical debate for a globalized world and a sustainable future.
  •    Programme graduates are eligible to apply for the prescribed examination towards registration with the Architects Registration Board (ΑRB).
  •    The largest investment in state-of-the-art specialised laboratories: Wood, Metal, Plastic Processing, Small Scale, Large Scale 1:1, Plaster Mouldings, Architectural Design Laboratory, etc.
  •    Educational visits for simulation of the work environment, on sites and settlements for the purpose of undertaking an architectural project.
  •    Projects with real building materials and respective construction procedures on a 1:1 scale, not on a model.
  •    Year Show where students’ works are exhibited to the general public and the media at the end of each academic year.


Career Prospects
The MArch Architecture & Urban Design aims to fulfill the requirements in order to become a qualified architect or pursue your own personal career path.

At the completion of the programme your portfolio will be the canvas of all facets of your education in order to seek practice employment. The design studio generates a portfolio of work that demonstrates the acquisition of RIBA Part 2 and, also, depicts your research and visual skills as it includes design, technology, cultural context, sustainability and management practice and law.

The modules Management Practice, and Law 1 and 2, offer guidance on the necessary professional skills that are required both for RIBA Part 2 and for preparation in applying for RIBA Part 3. In addition to the route as an architect, you may pursue work for NGOs, as researchers, PhD students and academics.

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