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*ΜSc Shipping

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Aegean College
October 2020, January 2021
Greek, English


*ΜSc Shipping is a unique programme in the Eastern Mediterranean & South Eastern European market that has been designed by Maritime industry insiders and educators to cover the rea needs of the shipping market.

To ensure flexibility it is divided into two streams.

Career OpportunitiesThe MSc Shipping is a dynamic programme, perhaps unique in the field of Greek Shipping and Maritime Education, perfectly adapted to the daily operations of the global maritime market in terms of the actual requirements of companies and international organizations. The programme offers all required elements for the refinement and ultimate provision of solutions to everyday problems arising in the Maritime Industry. The program is a powerful tool in the hands of the graduate, a tangible proof they are ready to take on all challenges in the responsible positions they might occupy. After completing the Postgraduate Program, the graduate will be an asset to any company and organization in the field.

a) MSc Shipping Management: The stream is directed to Master Mariners and Chief Engineers of the Merchant Marine, graduates of Merchant Marine Academies, Finance, Political Science or Social Studies schools, and engineers or shipbuilders who wish to dynamically enter the junior Marine in financial and administrative positions of the shipping Industry.

b) MSc Maritime Operation & Management The stream provides specialization for Shipping Company executives and managers but it is also addressed to graduates of Merchant Marine Academies, Finance, Political Science or Social Studies schools, engineers, shipbuilders –even without previous experience in Vessel Shipping Operations-. The stream is their initiation to the conquest of the frontline shipping market and will provide the proper training in effective management in all areas and processes.

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