MA Inclusion and Special Educational Needs and Disability (ISEND)

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Mediterranean College
Athens, Thessaloniki
October 2024, February 2025
3 years
Full Time, Part Time
Greek, English


The programme is addressed to:
- University and College graduates in Educational Sciences or related disciplines who wish to enter the SEND workforce in Greece and abroad.
If candidates select the English Delivery option their English language skills need to be equivalent to IELTS 6.5 or equivalent.

Registration documents:

  • Copy of recent degree qualification
  • Curriculum Vitae (in English)
  • Letters of Recommendation (2)
  • Good level of English (IELTS 6.5 or equivalent)*
  • Academic interview
  • Photographs (2)
  • Copy of ID/ Passport. Ακαδημαϊκή Συνέντευξη

*Applies only to English language delivery of programme


At a time of growing global interest in equality and inclusion in Education, the new one-year (or two-year part-time) MA ISEND programme at the University of Derby is the only postgraduate programme in Greece infused with the philosophy of inclusion and equal learning opportunities for individuals with special educational needs.

The new Mediterranean College Postgraduate Masters in Inclusion and Special Educational Needs and Disability is addressed to recent graduates or practitioners wishing to work as SEND specialists in Greece and abroad.

The programme consists of five modules of 120 credits, two of which are core modules and three pathway specific (SEND). Moreover, the acquisition of the MA degree qualification requires the development of a Dissertation/Thesis (core module) on a topic related to Special Educational Needs and Disability that is linked to the student’s professional interests.

Fully integrated into the curriculum is the innovative module designed by the Derby University in collaboration with Mediterranean College, ISEND in Practice (40 credits), which includes 250 hours of supervised placement in SEND settings.

Throughout the course, participants develop and expand their knowledge about innovative pedagogical approaches and practices and discover opportunities to improve the ways they approach and teach students with SEND.

The programme includes lectures, workshops, group work, case studies and student presentations. Virtual learning platforms include rich educational materials and support the study and research of students.


Upon completion of the MA ISEND, graduates hold a recognized postgraduate degree, professionally equivalent to a Master’s degree of domestic universities.

They can obtain professional equivalence of their degree through the Greek Council for the Recognition of Vocational Qualifications.

They have the ability to work as Special Education Professionals in various contexts, such as schools, SEND settings, NGOs, as researchers, as freelancers, where they will be able to design, implement and evaluate educational interventions for children with special educational needs.

In addition, through their intense scientific and research training, they can obtain a PhD degree.

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