Marketing & Media

MSc Digital and Social Media Marketing

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Metropolitan College
Athens, Thessaloniki
October 2023, February 2024
Full Time
Greek, English


 Why choose the MSc Digital and Social Media Marketing?

✓ Prospects for progressing to top management jobs in Greece and abroad.
✓ Successful completion of programme at Metropolitan College leads to the award of MSc Digital and Social Media Marketing by the University of East London.
✓ Specialised curriculum with emphasis on International Business which combines theory with practice and covers a wide range of topics in Marketing.
✓ Flexible class schedule ideal for the busy professionals and for completing the programme in on academic year.
✓ Attendance of a series of relevant events and seminars by distinguished professionals, aiming at providing networking opportunities and at bringing together students with the Greek and International business environment.

The modern business environment changes rapidly and demands that, in addition to their basic studies, managers should be equipped with a wide range of digital skills and specialized knowledge that lead to a comprehensive personality and help with the decision making using innovative digital tools.

The MSc Digital and Social Media Marketing is a modern and innovative program with a wide range of digital marketing themes that convey the theory to its practical application. It is a specialist academic programme which design makes it up-to-date in today's business requirements as it focuses on the latest trends in the digital age. It focuses on the practical application of digital tools (digital social media, digital advertising, digital presence) through the creation of integrated reflections and projects.

The programme combines theory with practice, as well as group with individual work, giving students the chance to develop their critical thinking and research abilities, while at the same time equipping them with the know-how, the self confidence and creativity required by digital environment.


Career Prospects
The MSc Digital and Social Media Marketing offers the necessary skills for graduates and professionals who want to develop an advanced understanding of the digital skills and to pursue a career in Digital Era. Graduates of the programme have excellent prospects to:

Pursue a career in all sectors of the Greek and international economy as:

  • Digital Marketing Executives in large companies and organizations in the private and public sectors.
  • Search Engine Optimization Specialist.
  • Digital Media Manager, Social Media Manager.
  • Business Consultant, etc.
  • Work as freelancers, creating and developing their own business.
  • Continue their studies at postgraduate level in Greece and abroad.
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