MSc Rehabilitation

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Metropolitan College
Athens, Piraeus, Thessaloniki
October 2024, February 2025
Full Time, Part Time
Greek, English


 Why choose the MSc Rehabilitation?

✓ Degree awarded by Oxford Brookes, a top ranking UK university with a long-standing reputation in Health and Life Sciences, associated with the highest standards of teaching quality and research.
✓ The programme helps students reflect and critically evaluate interdisciplinary perspectives of their clinical expertise in order to respond to the current and future health and social care needs in the field of Rehabilitation.
✓ Students will work with learners and module leaders of various disciplines within the field of Rehabilitation who are experts on different population groups.
✓ The programme focuses on the application of theory through specific case-studies and their management under the supervision of qualified professionals.
✓ The programme provides the flexibility to choose modules depending on your specific area of rehabilitation practice (working with adults, children, neurological, musculoskeletal, etc).
✓ Integration of research in Rehabilitation: Important findings from the Research of Metropolitan College’s School of Health have been integrated in all modules of the programme.
✓ Courses taught at the College’s specialized laboratories with state-of-art equipment.
✓Metropolitan College is one of the main partners of the Erasmus+-funded “Leisure Skills Project” for people with intellectual disabilities aiming to develop and improve the management skills of leisure time of people with mental and/or developmental difficulties. 
✓ Metropolitan College Faculty of Health Sciences is a World Rehabilitation Alliance (WRA) accredited member, a WHO global network of stakeholders whose mission is to support the implementation of the “Rehabilitation 2030” initiative.

Postgraduate programme in Rehabilitation allows students to choose from the beginning the area they wish to study (Neurological & Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation, Therapeutic Exercise, Paediatric Rehabilitation).

The programme stands out for its interdisciplinary approach, a knowledge-sharing effort among various health-related disciplines, which constitutes a vital and current approach in the contemporary field of Rehabilitation. As such, students learn from lecturers of various disciplines, while also being presented with contemporary scientific data that is applied in actual medical incidents. Students are also given the opportunity to liaise with researchers and conduct their own research for their dissertation module.

The programme applies to health professionals who work with different patient or client groups. This is beneficial to students, as it helps them encompass diverse views and perspectives in the field of Rehabilitation..


Career Prospects
The programme allows students to develop scientific reflection and deal with issues of Rehabilitation using contemporary research-based models of Rehabilitation. Graduates of the programme become highly qualified in the field of Rehabilitation, education and research, thus creating new career prospects. Graduates of this MSc course:

  • Can work either alone or within an interdisciplinary team as qualified professionals both with healthy or/and sick individuals, athletes etc.
  • May work in sports institutions, hospitals/medical centers and schools, as well as in food manufacturing companies or/and in nutritional supplement companies.
  • They may also apply for a PhD in European Universities.
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