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MA Sport Development and Management

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Metropolitan College
Athens, Piraeus, Thessaloniki
October 2021
Full Time
Greek, English


 Why choose the MA Sport Development and Management
✓ Accredited programme of postgraduate studies in Sport Development and Management offered for the first time in Greece, in partnership with Solent University, Southampton.
✓ Training in basic management and marketing principles with a focus on development of sport organizations and entities.
✓ Emphasis on the commercial side of sport development (planning and implementation of the appropriate strategy for the promotion of a new sport activity).
✓ Interdisciplinary, holistic approach of the sport industry and related sectors (tourism, entertainment, health, quality of life) which provides further career opportunities and prospects.
✓ Academic staff is consisted of professionals with theoretical knowledge, practical experience and an established network within the sport industry.

Mission of the ΜΑ Sport Development & Management is to provide students with the theoretical and practical skills in order to be able to adapt and evolve in the modern and rapidly growing field of sport industry. Taking advantage of the current developments, the programme integrates all the contemporary aspects of the sport industry aiming to enable graduates to acquire a deep knowledge in a wide range of related tasks: strategic management, budgeting, human resources, marketing/sponsorship, venue management, legal issues etc. The main goal of the postgraduate programme is to equip students with the necessary skills to ensure their professional evolution, along with their aspiration to further their academic endeavors.


Career Prospects
ΜΑ Sport Development and Management graduates will have the unique opportunity to invest their knowledge and skills and explore a plethora of related sectors that have a direct or indirect relationship with sport, such as tourism, hospitality, entertainment, and recreation. More specifically, they will be able to work at:

  • Governmental entities (e.g. General Secretariat of Sport) or Municipalities (e.g. local youth and recreation programs).
  • European and international federations (e.g. UEFA, FIFA, IAAF, FIBA).
  • International organizations that handle sport-for-development projects (e.g., United Nations, UNESCO).
  • Professional and amateur sport clubs handling participant fees, funding, and donations sport events.
  • Private sport fitness entities, in terms of managing various functions of the business.
  • Tourism and hospitality entities, where the sport manager organizes sport activities during all seasons.
  • Commercial entities such as sport equipment and apparel entities, in terms of marketing and promotion.
  • Non-profit organizations related to education, culture, and entertainment that also entail the sport-for-development concept.
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