MSc Applied Sport and Exercise Nutrition

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Metropolitan College
Athens, Piraeus, Thessaloniki
October 2022
Full Time, Part Time
Greek, English


 Why choose the MSc Applied Sport and Exercise Nutrition?

✓ The first and only recognized postgraduate programme of studies in Sport Nutrition offered in Greece by a UK University.
✓ Degree offered by Oxford Brookes, a University with a long-standing reputation in Health and Life Sciences.
✓ Collaboration with distinguished athletes, sports centers, schools and food organizations, providing a unique opportunity to gain knowledge, practice and research experience.
✓ The programme has been mapped to the UK Sport and Exercise Nutrition Register (SENr) knowledge competencies.
✓ Preparation for Level 1 accreditation through the International Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry (ISAK) via the Laboratory Techniques in Sport and Exercise Nutrition module (MCNU-7009)
✓ Practical application of theory with courses held at the Metropolitan College’s fully equipped laboratories with state-of-art equipment.

The unique Postgraduate Programme in Applied Exercise Science and Sport Nutrition provides students with the specialized theoretical knowledge, advanced practical training and professional skills required in the field of Sport Nutrition and helps students stand out in a competitive job market.

This MSc programme covers the following subjects:

  • Effective nutritional practice at all stages of people’s lives, including adjustments needed to meet specific nutritional requirements in training or in illness.
  • Μetabolic and physiological responses to exercise at various intensity levels.
  • Τhe multivariate relationships between physical exercise, nutrition and health.
  • Nutritional factors that affect immediate and chronic responses to physical exercise and training.
  • The use of various laboratory methods for the evaluation of athletic performance, nutrition status and body composition.
  • Issues of ethics and moral conduct involved in the counselling of individuals on physical activities and lifestyle habits.
  • The nutritional habits of athletes of various fields and nationalities.
  • Conducting research on issues related to the programme.


Career Prospects
MSc Applied Sport and Exercise Nutrition is open to graduates of Dietetics, Sport and Biological Sciences who wish to be more competitive by acquiring specific expertise in the field of Applied Sport Nutrition.Graduates of this course can work:

  • Alone or within an interdisciplinary team as qualified professionals both with healthy or/and sick individuals and improve the performance of athletes via nutritional management.
  • In sports institutions, hospitals/medical centers and schools, as well as in food manufacturing companies or/and in nutritional supplement companies.
  • MSc graduates may also apply for a PhD in European Universities.
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