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MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation

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Metropolitan College
Athens, Thessaloniki
October 2023
Full Time, Part Time
Greek, English


 Why choose the MSc Entrepreneurship & Innovation?

✓ The only postgraduate programme offered in Greece aiming to provide academic education to new entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.
✓ Successful completion of programme MSc Entrepreneurship & Innovation at Metropolitan College leads to the award of Master of Science (MSc) by the leading UK University, Oxford Brookes University.
✓ The first college in Greece, member of the European Business Ethics Network (EBEN).
✓ Flexible class schedule ideal for working students; completion of studies within one academic year.
✓ Teaching in state-of-the-art laboratories.
✓ Training in specialised computer softwares, also used by the most successful incubators, accelerators and co-working spaces.
✓ Variety of specialised seminars delivered by leading entrepreneurs, regarded as opinion-leaders in the Greek entrepreneurship sector and beyond.
✓ Opportunity to gain Certifications during studies by leading providers of professional training, through Metropolitan College’s extended professional network.

The core premise of this programme is that students develop their own idea throughout their studies. If students have not a specific idea, professors and/or College’s academic services support them in generating one at the beginning of the programme. Ideas are usually driven by a business start-up plan, but other types of ideas are equally valuable.

Throughout the programme students develop their idea as they work through the core module (Creativity to Insight to Action), using material learned from other modules. This ensures that studies will be highly relevant and tailored to the student as an individual. It is worth mentioning that students may refine or even totally change their idea during the programme which is a proof of their personal and cognitive evolution- so it should be considered a good thing.

The first semester focuses on Ideation, providing the opportunity to develop and refine an idea. The focus of the second semester is the Effectuation element, offering the appropriate tools and know-how to put an idea into practice. The aim of the Capstone Project, during the third semester, is to allow you to develop an idea even further. Where possible, assessments (which are aimed to be innovative and varied in format) are designed to mobilize the student continue developing the idea, as well as to ensure that programme is fully relevant for you and planned next steps.


Career Prospects
The MSc Entrepreneurship & Innovation programme of study aims to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of current thinking in enterprise and innovation, whilst enabling participants to develop skills that are valued by prospective employers and which will also be valuable to set up their own business.

Graduates will acquire all those practical skills in order to:

  • Launch their own business start-up
  • Manage/develop their own (existing) small or medium enterprise
  • Work as innovation officers/executives at Research and Development departments of large multinational or local companies (intrapreneurs)
  • Work as independent business coaches, business mentors
  • Work as specialised business development advisors in multinational companies providing financial/advisory services
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