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MA Design – pathway Branding

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  • Diploma of previous education: University Degree (Bachelor’s or/and MA) from a recognised University and the relevant transcripts.
  • English language certificate
  • Portfolio


This MA course focuses on the role of visual identity within branding, with the aim to produce versatile and creative practitioners who understand design within a business, social and cultural context.

Driven by intelligent enquiry and evaluation, you will explore the strategic thinking underlying brands and look at how that strategy can drive creative expression. In addition, this MA programme addresses the need for understanding how branding, innovation and design are connected, in theory and in practice, inside and outside companies and organisations, in a way that connects with the real needs of people. You will learn and explore how branding and innovation are necessarily connected, and introduces a method to forge a strong synergy between the two, using design management and design thinking.

Taking a visual approach to the subject of brand-driven innovation is particularly suited to students from a range of creative disciplines, where a practice-led approach to academic learning forms the main component of the search for knowledge and meaning. It will help you to understand the underlying framework of brand-driven innovation and enable you to act as “agent” of a wealth of new cross-disciplinary projects, processes and conversations about innovation. Finally, this MA programme is useful for those working in design, design management, marketing and business.

Core modules:

MA Design Stage 1 – Design Ideation (60 credits)
Negotiate a ‘programme of study’ with your tutors to identify the topics that you intend to study and develop. Choose to specialise in just one discipline or explore a number of different disciplines. Your studies will include aspects of creative studio practice that are relevant to your named pathway. There is also a theoretical element that contextualises your chosen discipline(s), alongside other design media, within the broader field of design.

MA Design Stage 2 – Design development and Prototypes (60 credits)
Test out your ideas and experiences in this prototyping stage before the final outcome in Stage 3. Explore the techniques and application of your ideas. Practical output and theoretical contextualisation will continue to interact and build on each other.

MA Design Stage 3 – Design Realisation and Production (60 credits)
Produce your final design outcomes leading to a portfolio of creative work that has evolved from the practice and theoretical research developed up to this point. A Critical Evaluation Report will support your portfolio.


The MA will help further career opportunities within commercial design practice – giving recognition to each student’s individual practical and intellectual abilities. Graduates will improve their chance of employment in the advertising industry with their demonstrated enhanced specialism and understanding developed on the course.

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