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MA Leadership in Education - Master in Leadership/Administration in Education

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Metropolitan College
Athens, Thessaloniki
October 2024
1 year
Full Time
Greek, English


Admission Requirements
MA Leadership in Education is addressed to a plethora of graduates and professionals in Education or Humanities, who wish to pursue a career in the administrative sector of Education.

Documents for Registration:

  • Undergraduate degree from educational institutions in Greece or abroad in Early Childhood Education, Special Educational Needs, Sociology, Computer Science or other relevant fields in Humanities.
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • ID Card
  • Certification in the English language (IELTS 6.0 or equivalent for the English programme)
  • Highschool diploma
  • Other diplomas/qualifications (if any)
  • Application for registration to Metropolitan College

The evaluation of the above supporting documents is completed during the personal interview of the candidates.


MA Leadership in Education of Metropolitan College, offers a wide range of knowledge and skills with regard to the theoretical and practical aspect of educational administration and leadership, so that graduates may contend for top jobs and respond effectively to their duties as school administrators.

MA Leadership in Education has been designed for candidates with a keen interest and/or previous studies in Education, who wish to boost their career and get actively involved in the administration of schools/educational units. More specifically, it is addressed to graduates of pre-school, primary or secondary education, special educational and/or other fields in Humanities. The curriculum consists of two courses of 30 credits during the first semester, two courses of 30 credits during the second semester and a dissertation of 60 credits.


  • Strategic Leadership and Reflective Practice
  • Developing Leadership Capability for Change
  • Strategic leadership; wellbeing and mental health in education contexts (Mental Wealth)
  • Leading Change
  • Applied Research Project


Degree from a top International University: University of East London

Career Prospects
MA Leadership in Education, provides teachers or professionals in Humanities with the qualifications required to pursue top jobs in education, both in the public and private sector. More specifically, they can work in:

  • early childhood education facilities,
  • primary (kindergarten & elementary schools) and secondary education,
  • special education schools,
  • creative activities centres,
  • institutions/associations,
  • child support structures,

They can also work as consultants in companies and special committees where the presence and participation of education specialists is deemed necessary (hospitals, rehabilitation centres etc.).

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