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MA in International Relations and European Union Studies

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CITY College, University of York Europe Campus
October 2024
12- 24 months
Full Time, Part Time


 Eligible candidates should hold:

  •  A Bachelor’s degree in any field
  •  IELTS (Academic) 6.5 or TOEFL internet based 87 or above or any other recognized certificate proving advanced knowledge of English (Level C2 / “proficiency”) or any equivalent qualification


 The programme offers students the knowledge and skills to critically engage with International Relations, EU public policy and global governance issues. The programme is based on four pillars: knowledge, skills, experience, and career opportunities.

  •  Knowledge: The MA degree provides knowledge on International Relations and European Union Studies and highlights issues of EU policies and global governance. Students become familiar with the most important current socio-economic and political issues in the region and become equipped with the necessary knowledge to deal with new global challenges.
  •  Skills: The MA degree offers an array of skills, including critical thinking, writing, presentation and communications skills, as well as employment skills, such as problem solving, crisis management and negotiation.
  •  Experience: Students will be given the opportunity to stay in Strasbourg for a week, visit European institutions and benefit from guest lectures at the University of Strasbourg.
  •  Career Opportunities: Students have the opportunity to undertake an agreed internship with a company, NGO, international organisation or a politician in the local or national government as part of their degree.

Internship opportunities

Students participating in the programme have the opportunity to pursue internships within various settings (i.e. companies, organisations, NGOs, politicians etc.). Through this unique learning experience students will practise their knowledge and skills, gain hands-on experience within a real working environment and build their portfolio towards a successful career.

An exciting Study Visit* to the University of Strasbourg, France

An exciting study visit to the prestigious University of Strasbourg in France awaits students attending the programme. The trip will also include visits to key European institutions like the EU parliament and the Council of Europe. The study visit is designed so as to offer valuable international exposure and understanding of international business operations and practices.

* The study visit to Strasbourg is optional and the cost is not included in the programme fees.


The programme is offered in partnership with the Navarino Network (NN) a strong network for the development of new thinking in regards to current and future policy challenges. The NN is an initiative of the Northern Greece Entrepreneurs Cultural Society.
In a highly volatile and ever-changing international environment where the European Union remains one of the world’s centres of socio-economic and political activity, knowledge on EU and global issues has become increasingly important to both academia and industry. The programme offers students the necessary knowledge and skills to critically engage with International Relations, EU public policy and global governance. Moreover, through the internship students have the opportunity to expand their network and gain valuable work experience.

Graduates can pursue an exciting career in international organisations, NGOs, local government, journalism, business, consultancy and further academic degrees (PhD).

The title Master of Arts in International Relations and European Union Studies is awarded directly by the University of York.

For information regarding student fees please contact the Institute.
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