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Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics

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Hellenic American College
March 2024
3 years full-time
Full Time


The Graduate Admissions Committee evaluates applications and supporting material for admissions and decides upon the acceptance and placement of students at Hellenic American University.

Admission to the graduate programs of the University is based on prior academic performance, both at the undergraduate and at the graduate level, professional work experience, and proficiency in the English Language. The selection process gives particular emphasis to evidence of leadership potential along with academic excellence. Special weight is also assigned to professional experience in the selection process.


The Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics is a unique program in its international gathering of a large number of distinguished professors and researchers from the discipline of Applied Linguistics. Developed by an International Advisory Board of Scholars consisting of leading professors in the field (Christopher Candlin, Ian Mason, Diana Boxer, Maria Helena Fernandez, Eugene Nida and Carol Chapelle), it provides both competitive and state-of-the-art programs. Furthermore, the faculty members (Christopher Candlin, Diane Larsen-Freeman, Julianne House, Claire Kramsch, Jim Purpura, Rosina Marquez-Reiter, Phil Scholfield and Merrill Swain) are themselves active teachers in their fields engaged in important research projects in leading Universities in the United States, Australia, and Europe where they are represented in the field’s scholarly journals. The program’s distinguished faculty with their portfolio of international distinctions offers HAEC students a unique opportunity for conducting original research while pursuing their academic degrees under the guidance of distinguished professors.

The program engages a wide range of professionals of varied backgrounds from different disciplines. The academic focus of the doctoral program in Discourse Analysis makes it ideal for professionals drawing from completely different backgrounds, whose work requires increased communication skills in language proficiency and intercultural communication (Cultural Competence). While the program is targeted to linguists, it is structured to be equally attractive to translators, interpreters, diplomats, senior government officials, academic leaders in research centers, communication managers, and CEOs in multinational companies, NGOs, educational institutions and large international media companies, etc.

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