MSc Business Psychology

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Metropolitan College
Athens, Thessaloniki
October 2022, February 2023
1 year
Full Time


Business Psychology is the scientific study of employees, workplaces and organizations and deals with a myriad of tasks, ranging from designing tests for head hunting to helping managers create a productive work environment. Occupational and Business Psychologists contribute to an organization's success by improving the performance and well-being of its people, they research and identify how behaviors and attitudes can be improved through hiring practices, training programs, and feedback systems. They also help organizations' transition among periods of change and development. Industrial and organizational psychology is related to the concepts of organizational behavior and human capital.

The MSc Occupational and Organizational / Business Psychology is a modern programme designed to provide the foundation for students wishing to become practising business psychologists and to offer significant professional knowledge, skills and experience. It is designed to give students the opportunity to gain a thorough understanding of the discipline of Business Psychology, to develop awareness and competence in practical and professional practice, to gain a thorough knowledge of research methods and data analysis and to develop a critical and reflective approach.

The programme covers the following areas of knowledge:

  • human-machine interaction/design of the environment and of work
  • selection and assessment/training and development
  • performance appraisal and career development/counselling and individual development
  • employee relations and motivation/organisational behaviour and organisational development

The MSc Occupational and Organizational / Business Psychology differs from other postgraduate programmes in the following ways:

  • open to non-psychologists
  • additional modules in research and professional practice
  • taught by full-time staff who are all chartered occupational psychologists
  • taught by consultancy and research active staff
  • significant contribution from practising occupational and business psychologists
  • emphasis on underpinning theory as a means to develop practical skills of business psychology
  • real world teaching and assessment
  • live organisational consultancy assignments to carry out.

The full-time route is of one year's duration, and entry points are in September & February each year. In order to gain a Postgraduate Certificate, you will need to obtain 60 credits at Level M. In order to gain a Postgraduate Diploma, you will need to obtain 120 credits at Level M. In order to obtain a Masters degree, you will need to obtain 180 credits at Level M. These credits will include a 60 credit level M core module of advanced independent research.

The learning environment includes a mix of lectures, seminars, independent reading and literature reviews, practical tasks and presentations, workshops, supervision tutorials, guest external expert speakers and organisational visits, while all teaching and assessment reflects the work of the professional business psychologist. All coursework is set within real organizations. Dissertations must be work-based. The Professional Practice module requires students to write a press release and journal-ready article and handle an interview with a journalist.

Employee Relations and Motivation
Organizational Behaviour and Development
Selection & Assessment
Training & Development
Appraisal & Career Development
Counselling and Individual Development
Design of the Work Environment
Human Machine Interaction


Career Prospects
The graduates of the MSc programme can pursue a career as practicing business psychologists, HR consultants, independent business consultants or they can choose to practice teaching and/or personnel training.
Moreover, they may decide to continue their studies in order to obtain a doctorate degree.

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