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Ph.D. by Publication

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New York College
Athens, Thessaloniki
March 2020, November 2020
3 years
Full Time, Part Time


To qualify for registration you must fulfil the following criteria:
- A good first degree qualification or its equivalent.
- (For Route B) be employed in a research post or a post which permits you to undertake research or professional or creative practice at advanced level and to have held such a post for at least two years.
- Be positive, enthusiastic and determined to succeed.


University of Bolton

Many high-calibre professionals with excellent academic qualifications undertake research and developmental activities while working. Bolton University provides a Ph.D by publication that will formally acknowledge your work at the highest level. The programme is designed so you don’t have to leave work. It is aimed primarily at those whose work is primarily in research or involves a substantial research element and enables them to receive academic credit for work which is at doctoral level.

There are two ways of taking this programme:
Route A is for people who already have a number of published pieces to their credit, Route B for those who have none or only a few.
Route A enables candidates, with the help and advice of academic supervisors, to select the most appropriate publications for inclusion in their submission and to prepare a 10,000-15,000 word critical commentary which contextualises, analyses and makes the case for the publications to be considered as an original and independent contribution to knowledge and, therefore, to justify the award of a PhD.
Route B is the same as Route A, except that the candidate will also be assisted, by the academic supervisors, in the preparation and submission for publication of suitable outputs such as journal articles, book chapters or books, software or patents.

How does it work?
You will be allocated two supervisors. Where appropriate, one of these may be at your place of work.
Work is undertaken over a period of, normally, six months (route A) to three years (route B).
You will need to produce a range of suitable outputs - which might include journal articles, book chapters or books, software or patents – and accompanied by a 10,000 to 15,000 explanation of the research and a demonstration that it meets the criteria for a PhD
Your work will be examined by examiners external to the University of Bolton and to New York College. If your thesis is successful you’ll be awarded a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)


A PhD will increase your depth of knowledge. Your organisation will benefit from an enhanced status and recognition at national and international levels. You will have access to the equipment, facilities and expertise available at CMRI. You will be able to network with industry professionals who use CMRI for partnership and collaboration.

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