Computer Science & IT

BSc (Hons) Computer Networks & Security

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Mediterranean College
Athens, Thessaloniki
October 2024
3 years
Full Time
Greek, English


The programme addresses high school graduates who wish to build a career in Computer Networks.

Requirements for registration:

  • High School certificate (Apolyterion) from a General or Vocational Senior High School (or equivalent)
  • Reference Letter (1)
  • Adequate knowledge of English (IELTS 4.5 or equivalent) *
  • Academic Interview
  • Photos (2)
  • ID-Card/ passport

*The level of English required for the English-taught programme is equivalent to IELTS 6.0 or B2. Candidates without official English language certificates can sit for the English language placement test of Mediterranean College.

Holders of Higher National Diplomas (HND), students of Technological (TEI) or Higher Education Institutions (AEI) of relevant fields may be admitted to an advanced stage of the course, upon a Recognition of Prior Learning procedure. They need to additionally submit:
- Diploma and/or academic transcript
- Programme Handbook (if available)


Organisations need to ensure that the information they hold and transfer across networks is secure and confidential. However, numerous breaches of security and incidents of hacking have demonstrated that this is an ongoing battle for businesses, which in turn created a demand for graduates skilled in networks and security.

The BSc (Hons) Computer Networks and Security course will prepare you to become a successful networks or security specialist. You will learn the technical skills to be able to specify and build the physical infrastructure and the software development skills to make sure that solutions are robust and secure.

You will study switching, routing and wide-area networks, wired and wireless networks, Cisco and Microsoft networks. You will also be able to understand security issues and to critically analyse and evaluate responses to security-related problems. In addition, you will look at the theory and implementation of wired and wireless networks, network management, network security, network applications development and security protocols.

This course comprises of 20-credits modules, except for the diploma thesis of the 3rd year that equals to 40 credits. Most of the modules are semester-based, while there are few yearlong ones. First year modules and 50% of the 2nd year modules are taught & assessed in Greek, while the remaining modules are taught & assessed in English. (Note: This programme is also delivered entirely in English).

The course focuses on three pillars: The Technical, where students learn how to design and develop computer networks; the Programming, where students cultivate the necessary skills to design safe and secure solutions; the Business, where students learn how to design appropriate networks for potential businesses.

Students specialise in local and wide area networks, conventional or wireless networks. Other modules focus on security management, software applications development and databases. The highlight of the programme is that it incorporates the CCNA certification syllabus as well as Ethical Hacking content (with the opportunity to obtain the relevant certification).


Graduates of the programme, according to Greek legislation, are holders of an accredited university degree, professionally equivalent to those awarded by Greek State Higher Education Institutions. If they wish so, they can have their degree recognised by the Greek authorities.

After successfully completing the programme, graduates may continue for a Master’s degree at Mediterranean College or at overseas universities. Alternatively, they can seek employment. 

Computer Networks graduates can build a career in the following sectors:

  • Design & deployment of data networks
  • Installation & maintenance of data networks
  • Network administrators
  • Database administrators
  • Network security
  • Cloud & Data networks
  • Computer network programmers
  • Network applications development
  • Wired and wireless networking/telecommunications
  • Sales of IT networking solutions
  • Business IT security consulting
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