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In the twenty-first century, Mediterranean College, in collaboration with the reputable foreign University of Derby, will be a leading private institution of higher education for business, computing, psychology and other professionally related course of studies, offering the highest quality programs in a nurturing atmosphere where quality is always dictated by the needs of the student. In realization of its vision for leadership in academic excellence, student success, instructional and technological innovation, and community responsiveness, the College will attract and retain a dedicated, professional staff, as well as outstanding faculty recognized for expertise in their field and who excel in the art of teaching, student mentoring, endeavours of scholarship, research, and service. Built on this firm foundation of scholarship, service, and support, the institution will aim to contribute toward the vision of Mediterranean College as a unique international centre of learning.

Studying at Mediterranean College

International students have a wide range of programmes of studies from which to choose, each of which provides a unique learning opportunity for every student. Students may:
• Study the entire programme in Greece
• Participate in a study programme which provides the flexibility of undertaking the greater part of their studies in Greece and the remainder in the UK with a partner institution
Participate in one of the exchange programmes or a study abroad programme where the credits earned at Mediterranean College count towards attainment of their degree qualification.
Irrespective of which course you choose to follow with us, you should know that you will be taken care of. Not only will you be guaranteed an academic education of the highest quality, you will enjoy your time here and have the opportunity to participate in an unforgettable experience with other students studying in Athens or Thessaloniki.
Mediterranean College Athens main site is conveniently set within both the academic and commercial quarters of Athens. Students are close by to all major bookshops, public libraries, and other peripheral services such as computer centers, photography and printing shops.
The “Pellinis” site, a modern building complex was constructed with the present and future needs of the College in mind is located within walking distance (3-5 minutes) from “Victoria” metro station.
The Athens Campus provides international students the chance to experience and participate in the dynamism and diversity of a city that manages to combine the pace of New York, the charm of London and the culture of Paris with the warmth of Greece.
Mediterranean College Thessaloniki site – is located in the heart of this cosmopolitan city. The city’s own strategic location affords students from nearby regions the opportunity to study close to home. A smaller building structure in comparison to Athens, it is noted for the personal attention and support each student receives and the relaxed atmosphere within which studies are delivered.
If you are serious about your undergraduate and graduate study choices, Mediterranean College offers you the best reasons for choosing Greece as your study destination:
A choice of two of the safest cities in Europe. Both Athens and Thessaloniki can proudly state that they are two of the safest major cities in Europe – this is a fact! All Mediterranean College students know that they can stay back at the College without having to fear about the danger of travelling back to their apartment late at night.

Quality Bachelor & Master degree programmes
The Bachelor & Master degree programmes are offered in co-operation with one of the most respected British State University, Derby University. All programmes are designed to offer students relevant skills and knowledge for successful entry into the international employment market.

International recognised qualifications
The degrees are awarded by the university offering the programme in co-operation with Mediterranean College, thereby ensuring all students that they receive, at the successful completion of their studies, a British University degree.

International accreditation and recognition
Not only does Mediterranean College co-operate with high ranking institutions, it has itself consistently received acclaim for its own quality in the delivery of studies, its management structure and services. Mediterranean College has been certified by the British Accreditation Council (BAC) for Independent Higher Education; by the EdExcel Foundation as a centre delivering its own BTEC HNC/ HND qualifications; and by the United Kingdom’s Quality Assurance Agency (QAA).

Cost of living
A very important issue to many parents and students is the cost of their studies. Studying and living in Greece will cost you far less than it would if you chose to study in the United Kingdom. We advise our students to bring 7.000 – 9.000 euros on average for their yearly living expenses.

The meeting point of East and West
Owing to Greece’s geopolitical position, it is considered as the Gateway to Europe or the East depending on the direction you are looking from – it is a country where you will experience the best of eastern and western cultures.

Living in Athens and Thessaloniki
Two cities with an international reputation for their hospitality. Athens, the city that hosted the 2004 summer Olympics is the place to be if the fast pace of a large metropolis is what you are looking for. Thessaloniki is a city best known for its landscape, cuisine and cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Student centred structure
Mediterranean College’s ideal size ensures that students at either of the two campuses are given all the attention they require by academic and administrative staff who are available at all times of the day.

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